Iris IRIS740 Barracuda IP2 with IRIS402 Camera inside

IRIS740 Barracuda IP2 with IRIS402 Camera inside


The IRIS740 can be integrated as part of a sports fishing package, or used in it’s own right as a high-end digital sub-surface camera.

Along with the other cameras in Iris’s Barracuda range, the IRIS740 features simple plug and play connectivity with a single Power over Ethernet (PoE) connector used to hook up to your on board network or dedicated Network Video Recorder (NVR). In addition, the camera module itself can be removed from the rear should servicing be required – without having to lift the boat.

The IRIS740 has an aluminium bronze bezel, hard anodized body and reinforced, scratch resistant, optically clear lens window. The PoE connector on the rear of the unit has an IP68 environmental rating, and the camera comes supplied with a field installable waterproof RJ45 plug.

Iris IRIS730 Barracuda LT Lite Analogue Camera

IRIS730 Barracuda LT Lite Analogue Camera


For viewing on all chartplotters with composite video input, TV’s with AV input or for interfacing into a PC via a video capure device, the Barracuda-Lite camera features an extremely high resolution analogue camera with SONY EFFIO-P chipset, 800TVL resolution, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) and DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) processing.

As with all Barracuda models, the LITE is built into a solid anodised aluminum body complete with a highly resilient aluminum bronze bezel and strengthened acrylic lens cover.

Connection to the LITE is via a single CAT5 cable for power and video.

Iris IRIS720 Barracuda HD Thru-Hull Camera HD-SDI

IRIS720 Barracuda HD Thru-Hull Camera HD-SDI


At the heart of the Barracuda-HD is a high definition HD-SDI module which delivers sharp, real-time 1080P HD video for playback on compatible chartplotters or High-Def TV’s and displays via an HDMI or HD-SDI input.

Barracuda-HD outputs over 2 million pixels per frame and therefore provides a much higher resolution output than standard analogue CCTV cameras. In addition, Barracuda HD also supports D-WDR and 3D-DNR processing guaranteeing trully exceptional High Definition video. Power and Video connection to the camera is via a single 75Ω Coaxial Cable.

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Iris IRIS710 Barracuda IP Thru-Hull Camera

IRIS710 Barracuda IP Thru-Hull Camera


If you want more from your through hull camera than superb quality video, Barracuda-IP is the camera for you!

With it’s built-in 5MP Network-IP camera engine, not only are you guaranteed the very best in video quality, but Barracuda’s unique D-Control lets you ‘virtually’ pan, tilt and zoom around the cameras ultra wide angle, Panoramic field of view.

Using Iris Centre software on your PC, Laptop, Tablet or SmartPhone, set the camera to either 180°or 360° mode and drag around the image to explore the underwater scene before you. The camera’s vast field of view and extremely high resolution mean you can zoom deeper into the scene then move around by using your mouse or dragging the screen depending on your device. As everything is handled digitally, there are no moving parts to go wrong!

Benchmark Rotating Mixer Series

Rotating Mixer Series


The Benchmark Rotating Mixer provides gentle to vigorous mixing of laboratory samples up to 50ml. With adjustable speed control and tilt angle, the Rotating Mixer is ideal for a variety of applications, from mixing blood samples to the preparation of homogenous dispersions.

Three rotisserie tube holders are included for mixing all common laboratory sample tubes and each individual tube holder is rubber coated to provide a secure grip, preventing any “wobble” or loosening during mixing at high speeds.

For more intense mixing, a unique reversing mode is available. In reversing mode, the mixer rotates for up to 360° then stops and rotates in the reverse direction. This back and forth motion occurs repeatedly until the set time has expired.

Benchmark MyTemp Mini Digital Incubators Series

MyTemp Mini Digital Incubators  Series


A large, digital display allows for visualization of the chamber temperature and the remaining incubation time, while an internal light is included for improved visualization of the chamber. In addition, a built in, internal outlet can be used to provide power to small instruments, such as shakers, rockers, etc.

With forced air technology and stainless steel inner construction, uniform heat transfer is ensured throughout the internal chamber. When set for sub-ambient temperatures, the powerful compressor is activated, quickly cooling the chamber to the desired temperature..

With an exterior height of 39 inches (100cm), the incubator is designed to be floor-standing, yet is also compact enough for bench-use. (Not recommended for use on benchtops taller than 32″/81cm). The instrument is supplied with two, adjustable height shelves, while additional shelves can also be purchased separately (item: H2365-SH).

Viper FLIR A3xx Series Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR A3xx Series Thermal Imaging Camera


Fixed-mounted thermal imaging cameras like the FLIR A310 can be installed almost anywhere to monitor your critical equipment and other valuable assets. It will safeguard your plant and measure temperature differences to assess the criticality of a given situation. This allows you to see problems before they become costly failures, preventing downtime and enhancing worker safety.

Excellent image quality
Both thermal imaging cameras contain an uncooled Vanadium Oxide (VOx) microbolometer detector. They produce crisp thermal images of 320 x 240 pixel and detects temperature differences as small as 50 mK. They come with a built-in 25° lens with motorized focus. Other fields of view are available.
Stream MPEG-4 video over Ethernet to show live images on a PC. 640×480 with overlay up to 30 Hz. Ethernet-enabled, communication and power can be supplied with only one cable. Composite video outputs, PAL and NTSC compatible are available. Both cameras can be controlled remotely over the Web using TCP/IP protocol.Industrial protocol
Since FLIR A310 is Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP compliant analysis and alarm results can easily be shared to a PLC. Digital inputs/outputs are available for alarms and control of external equipment. An image masking function allows you to select only the relevant part of the image for your analysis.

Iris IRIS608 8 Channel Video Switcher

IRIS608 8 Channel Video Switcher


Introducing by popular demand, the New IRIS608 video switcher from Iris Innovations!
The New 608 is the latest switcher in Iris’s video management range and features increased camera input capacity, 2 built in keypad ports and and a newly styled keypad.

As customers on board camera requirement increases, Iris have been repeatedly asked for a switcher with more camera inputs. In addition, installers have asked us to simplify the process for adding extra keypads. We’ve listened carefully to these requests and rolled the new features into the 608, and for extreme environments, a completely waterproof versions is available (part number 608W).

Iris IRIS606 Six Camera Video Switcher

IRIS606 Six Camera Video Switcher


If you have more camera feeds than video inputs on your chart plotter, dedicated screen or TV, you’re going to need a video switcher. But the last thing you want on board is an ugly metal box and a mess of wires cluttering up your helm.

To solve this problem Iris have designed a range of video switchers that can be installed well out of the way and controlled using an extremely small and good looking, waterproof keypad.

The IRIS606 switcher connects up to 6 cameras, and features 2 outputs. Controlled using the KBD06 Keypad (supplied), cameras can be selected one at a time, or set on a timed sequence.

Additional keypads can be added to allow switching from multiple locations on board such as upper and lower helm or the crew cabin.