Testo 870 Series Thermal Imagers

Testo 870 Series Thermal Imagers
Point. Shoot. Done.

The testo 870 is the newest addition addition to the testo thermal imaging camera range. It has been designed in cooperation with heating & building contractors, service engineers and facilities management specialists especially for these applications.

The testo 870 thermal imagaing camera is perfect for detecting leaks, localising cold bridges, visualising overheating connections and electrical surveying. Thanks to its large display, high-quality detector, wide field of view and uncomplicated operation, the testo 870 thermal imaging camera allows you to work faster and more productively.

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Shimpo FG-7000 Series Digital Force Gauge


FG-7000 Series Digital Force Gauge

The FG-7000 Series digital force gauges consist of FG-7001, FG-7002, FG-7003, FG-7004, FG-7005, FG-7006, FG-7007, FG-7008 and FG-7009 are loaded with functionality to simplify your compression and tension testing needs. The multiple-language FG-7000’s provide menu programming for easy selection and set-up of the instrument to your desired requirements. Three modes of operation are selectable: Track mode for live readings, Peak mode for displaying the peak reading that remains until a higher peak is sensed, and Auto Peak mode which is similar to Peak mode except the peak on the display will additionally reset after a programmed time period. Programmable limits provide a quick visual and audible indication if a test passed or failed on the LCD. In addition, the comparator output can be set up for integration of the instrument into your quality system for repetitive testing such as on a production line.

These high-tech instruments can easily data log a reading at the push of a button for simple data acquisition, or be set to continuous data storage. Data can be viewed on the screen, sent to the optional printer, or loaded to be analyzed and graphed on the free software program. The 1,000 point memory with definable groups allows for multiple tests to be recorded and easily separated upon loading.

The FG-7000’s robust housings are designed to fit perfectly in the operator’s hand for portable testing. The large backlit, 180° auto-reversible display, compression/tension icons, combined with the dual labeled key pad allows for instant switching from push to pull testing for portable or test stand applications. Models are available from 0.5 lbs to 220 lb ranges providing a large offering for various applications such as, incoming quality inspection, finished goods testing, R&D or almost any portable or force stand testing requirement.

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Siglent SDS1102CNL Dual-Channel Bench Oscilloscope

SDS1102CNL Dual-Channel Bench Oscilloscope

Siglent SDS1102CNL Dual-Channel Bench Oscilloscope (100MHz Bandwidth)

The Siglent SDS1072CNL Digital Oscilloscope is a dual-channel device that is able to measure bandwidth up to 100MHz. The previous model in this range, the SDS1072DL, is only capable of measuring up to 70Hz.

Siglent’s CNL range of oscilloscopes are designed to make gaining and analysing waveform results as simple as possible. They’re suitable for use in multiple applications including electronic circuit design and debugging, electrical circuit function testing, inspecting instantaneous signals, industrial control and measurement, product quality control and education/training environments.

The device basically consists of a large, 7-inch full colour display and a selection of knobs and buttons for switching between different available parameters, trigger types and various other features. Waveforms are displayed clearly on the device’s TFT screen as different coloured waves, helping with easy identification when monitoring two channels simultaneously.

This device also features a number of additional features including 1GSa/s real-time sample rate, equivalent sampling rate of 50GSa/s and memory depth of 40kpts. The SDS1102CNL also includes multiple trigger sources and types, and features CH1, CH2, EXT, EXT/5 and AC Line trigger sources and Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative trigger types.

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Siglent SDS1052DL Dual-Channel Digital Oscilloscope

SDS1052DL Dual-Channel Digital Oscilloscope

Siglent SDS1052DL Dual-Channel Digital Oscilloscope (50MHz Bandwidth)

The SDS1052Dl is a 2-channel digital oscilloscope with selectable sample rate up to 500MS/s in real time, selectable bandwidth up to 50MHz and a range of other advanced testing features.

Not particularly big and bulky, this oscilloscope is ideal for resting wherever you need it, whether this is in a laboratory, specialist calibration lab or other installation. The device features a large TFT colour LCD display for measuring waveforms, and also features a range of dials and buttons on the right hand side of the device for adjusting different parameters.

The device also features multiple trigger modes, with Edge, Video, Pulse Width, Slope and Alternate selectable.  Once measurement results are obtained it’s also possible to print off this data using Siglent’s PictBridge technology.

To help maintain result accuracy the SDS1052DL features the ability to filter noise from bigger signals, helping to avoid false trigger. The device can also perform 20 automatic measurements and features manual, track and auto measurement modes.

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Siglent SHS800 Series Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

SHS800 Series Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

The SHS800 series is a portable oscilloscope with features normally found only on expensive bench-top instruments.  It is ideally suited for field application circuit measurements, electrical debugging, education, scientific research, and quality control.  It combines a sophisticated up to 200MHz oscilloscope, a 6000 count multimeter, and a waveform recorder in a portable unit with a bright 5.7” color TFT LCD screen.  With a bandwidth of up to200MHz, sampling at 500MSa/s, with a  2Mpts or 32kpt (Model SHS820) sample memory to allow storing, replaying and zooming in on measurements.

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Siglent SHS806 Handheld Oscilloscope (Bandwidth 60MHz, 2 Channel)

The SHS806 is a portable oscilloscope that is ideally suited for use in outdoor applications, circuit measurements, wind power, PV and new energy equipment testing, automotive electron and electric automobile testing, electrical power systems and strong electricity testing, electrical debug testing, education, scientific research and quality control.

Siglent SHS810 2-Channel Handheld Oscilloscope (Bandwidth 100 MHz)

Siglent’s SHS810 range is not only used for accurately tracking waveforms across single or dual-channels – this device is also a high precision multimeter and can be also used as a recorder.

All of this is housed in a portable unit that is designed to be carried around and taken directly to the application that needs to be tested. The SHS810 is mainly used in indoor applications such as education, circuit design and others, but is also perfectly suitable for use in outdoor applications.

Siglent SHS820 2 Channel 200MHz 500MSa/s 6000 Count Handheld Oscilloscope – DMM

The new Siglent SHS820 is a versatile, handheld oscilloscope/multimeter combination. It acts as both a 2 channel 200 MHz oscilloscope and a 6000 count digital multimeter with a wide array of measurements and ranges. The oscilloscope has Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternate triggers with 32 automatic waveform measurements, and includes FFT math capability. The multimeter portion includes resistance, AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, capacitance, diode testing, and a trend plot that can store 1.6 Mpts. The SHS820 comes complete with 2 X1-X10 oscilloscope probes, multimeter test leads, an English language manual, power cord and DC adapter.

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Testo Smallest Folding Thermometer

Testo 103 Folding Food Thermometer

The testo 103 the smallest folding thermometer of its class! It offers handy, practical and strong support when carrying out monitoring measurements.

The folding thermometer testo 103 measures food temperatures precisely at any time – in production, storage and processing, in food service, supermarket chains, food retail and wholesale, or in industrial areas. The testo 103 already begins measurement from a fold-out angle of 30°, and can therefore be used flexibly. After measurement, the probe can be simply folded away, and the instrument stored safely until the next measurement – for example in a trouser pocket. The folding thermometer testo 103 is compliant with HACCP and EN 13485.

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Testo 108 Waterproof Food Thermometer

Testo 108 Waterproof Food Thermometer

Temperature measurements are among the tasks carried out daily in the food sector. Only by taking precise measurements can you monitor and guarantee the quality of your products. The testo 108 allows spot-check measurements in seconds. Whether in the transportation and storage of foodstuffs, in restaurants, in large kitchens or in chain restaurants.

The testo 108 allows temperature measurement to be integrated into daily work routines with no added complications, helping the user comply with HACCP requirements and certified according to EN 13485. Two self-explanatory buttons for easy application even by frequently changing staff. Any standard probe Type T and Type K with miniature TC plug connectable Probe (108-1 model only) can be stowed directly in soft case. Always hygienic: Simply clean the soft case and the probe under running water Large, clear display.

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Link IO-3232B 32 Logic Analyzer Pattern Generator 400MSa/s

Link IO-3232B 32 Ch / 32 Gen Ch Logic Analyzer Pattern Generator 400MSa/s

IO-3200 Logic Analyzer Pattern Generator

All of the IO-3200s function as both a Logic Analyzer and a Pattern Generator. They communicate and are powered by USB. The LA can sample at up to 400 MSa/s, and the PG can operate at up to 200 MSa/s. They feature a buffer that is up to 2 Mpt long. They have 32 channels of LA and up to 32 channels of PG.

Logic Analyzer FrontPanel® software for Windows


Timing window
The timing window shows the data as waveforms with the X-axis representing time. Individual channels or groups of channels can be displayed in this view.

The software allows you to change channel order, size, position, and color. Timing Window: Logic Analyzer software

Channel groups can be displayed in a numeric format or as a waveform. LA data displayed as waveform

Individual pulse width and frequency information can be displayed also.

Statelist window
The statelist window displays the data in a numerical format with the Y-axis representing time. Individual channels or groups of channels can be displayed in this view. Data can be displayed in Binary, Hex, ASCII, Decimal or in user-defined decoding.

SPI analyzer
SPI protocol data can be captured and displayed by the Logic Analyzer. It can be shown in a decoded format, as well as a waveform.


I2C analyzer

The software translates and displays captured I2C commands. What makes this product superior to other I2C Monitors is that you are able to see all activity on the Clock and Data lines in Timing and Statelist display, not just the valid codes.

In addition to capturing I2C data, the Pattern Generator can be used to output I2C commands to stimulate your circuit.

The bidirectional channels of the IO-3200 allow you to capture the circuit response on the same pins.

Pulse measurements
Measurements include:
Pulse width, Minimum Pulse width, Maximum Pulse width, Frequency, Period, Duty cycle and Pulse count.

High speed operation (400 MSa/s / 200 MSa/s)
The internal clock “Timing mode” can sample at up to 400 MSa/s for accurate and detailed data capture. The long data buffers allow you to record for extended periods of time while maintaining a fast sample rate.

The max external clock “State mode” rate is 200 MHz.

The Pattern Generator uses the same clock source as the Logic Analyzer.

Deep data buffers (up to 2 M samples per channel)
Large data buffers allow you to maintain high sample rates while maintaining long recording times. They allow you to see the big picture and find that elusive bug.

Pattern generator
Each Pattern Generator channel is also a Logic Analyzer channel, that can switch back and forth between Input and Output mode during a single capture.

This allows you to stimulate your circuit and record the results on a single pin. It’s kind of like your own mini bed-of-pins tester.

The powerful data generation wizards help you build Counters, Clocks, SPI and I2C Communication protocols, etc. The software also allows you to load your own data files.

USB communication and power
The IO-3200 Logic Analyzers connect to your desktop or laptop computer by USB.


Testo 104-IR Multi-scanning with Penetration Control

Testo 104-IR Multi-scanning with Penetration Control

Multi-purpose infrared and penetration thermometer

Thetesto 104-IR is a versatile, waterproof (IP65) penetration thermometer combined with an infrared sensor for both contact and non-contact temperature measurements. Sleek and rugged (nearly indestructible), it can be used for applications throughout the food industry. The testo 104-IR scans the surface temperature of individual foods or entire pallets from a distance with the highest accuracy. The folding penetration probe is also able to measure core temperature. This multi-purpose instrument is handy and practical, and easily fits into a shirt pocket. When the probe is opened, the display is automatically activated and ready to use. The IR measurement starts at the touch of a button. Results are easily read on the large and bright back-lit display. The few buttons are self-explanatory and users will find it easy to operate. For quick, super-accurate and convenient temperature measurements anywhere at any time, the 104-IR thermometer is unmatched in value and quality.

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Siglent SHS1000 Series Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

SHS1000 Series Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

SHS1000 series are dual isolated channel handhold oscilloscopes with patent IsolatedChannel technology. SHS1000 series integrate functions as Oscilloscope, Multimeter and Recorder. SHS1000 Series provides isolation from ground and isolation between channels allowing you to take floating measurements without worrying about damaging circuitry.

100 MHz Bandwidths, 1GS/s real-time sampling per channel, up to 50GSa/s equivalent sampling rate, 2Mpts memory depth. Support Scope TrendPlot, Meter TrendPlot and Scope Waveform Record, record length up to 7Mpts. 5.7 inch TFT color LCD display. Support USB storage and internal memory. Battery included, handhold available, convenient for outdoor measurement.


Siglent SHS1062 Dual-Channel Handheld Oscilloscope (Bandwidth 60MHz)

The SHS1062 is a multifunction handheld oscilloscope that also includes a full digital multimeter and a recorder (TrendPlot and waveform Recorder).

Featuring bandwidth of 60MHz, this device is capable of measuring either single of dual-channel waveforms. When measuring single channel this device features real-time sample rate of 1GSa/s, and when measuring dual the sample rate is 500MSa/s. It also features equivalent sample rate of 50GSa/s and memory depth of 2Mpts.

 Siglent SHS1102 Handheld Oscilloscope (Bandwidth 100MHz)

The Siglent SHS1102 is a dual-channel digital oscilloscope with a large 5.7 inch colour screen and is portable enough to be carried around between different testing scenarios.

It is suitable for use in a wide range of different applications including power electronics testing (switching mode power supplies, inverter, converters and lighting), wind power, PV power and other new energy equipment tests, automotive electronic testing, electrical vehicle testing, industrial power system testing, field testing, educational applications and more.

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