Yokogawa Clamp-On Power Analyzer CW240

Clamp-On Power Analyzer CW240


The CW240 power meter is a complete tool for enhancing energy efficiency, finding areas for improvement and assessing equipment lifecycles. The meter provides in-depth information on how an item of equipment, an area of a plant or a complete facility is operating that goes beyond simply measuring power usage.

By using the supplied clamp-on components and probes, users can better determine maintenance, repair and replacement schedules for equipment such as transformers and motors. Information is provided with respect to load factors and demand factors, as well as current/voltage fluctuations at motor start-up.

Fieldpiece SDMN6 Dual Port Manometer and Pressure Switch Tester

SDMN6 Dual Port Manometer and Pressure Switch Tester


The SDMN6 dual-port manometer measures gas and static pressure and also accurately tests pressure switches by simulating a draft with an internal pump. A pressure switch is a safety device that prevents the furnace from running in an unsafe manner.  The SDMN6 tests the pressure switch to determine if it is working properly, or if it is starting to fail which can cause the furnace to run in an unsafe manner.  Plus, with the SDMN6 you can easily calibrate any adjustable pressure switch to manufacturers’ specification, so there’s no need to carry a large variety of pressure switches on your truck.

The Dual Port Manometer has the ranges to measure gas pressure and the resolution needed to measure static pressure.  Ideal for HVACR field service technicians, the SDMN6 can determine if the gas pressure coming into the house or out of the regulator are correct. The SDMN6 measures gas pressure up to 60″ water column (WC) with a resolution of 0.1″ WC. In addition, the unit measures both positive and negative pressure, which is used for measurement on vacuum control lines. The unit will take differential pressure readings and display the difference between P1 and P2 at all times in the lower right corner of the easy-to-read LCD. Four different measurement scales can be used: inches of water column, millimeters of water column, mBar, and PSI.

The SDMN6 also has a zero adjust to zero out the meter in different ambient pressures. It has a hold button to hold the currently displayed reading. The auto-power-off function conserves battery life, but can be disabled if desired.
In the static pressure mode, the unit can measure up to 2″WC with resolution to 0.010″WC, which enables a technician to measure small differences in air (or static) pressure.

Fieldpiece LT17AW Wireless Digital Multimeter

LT17AW Wireless Digital Multimeter


The LT17AW Digital Multimeter is loaded with the parameters and ranges HVACR professionals need for HVACR troubleshooting, plus it receives measurements wirelessly from any of the Fieldpiece Accessory Heads when connected to the wireless transmitter that’s included.  You can now easily measure current, resistance, voltage, capacitance, frequency, continuity, and temperature either directly, or wirelessly from up to 75′ away.

Because of the wireless capability you can connect your amp clamp and completely close the blower door so you get a more accurate amperage reading.  Or you can set up a wet bulb measurement in the attic and get live readings while you’re making adjustments at the condenser.

Fluke 500 Series Battery Analyzers


Fluke 500 Series Battery Analyzers


Reduced testing complexity, a simplified workflow and an intuitive user interface provide a new level of ease-of-use in battery testing.

The new Fluke 500 Series Battery Analyzer (BT510, BT520 and BT521) is ideal test tool for maintenance, troubleshooting and performance testing of individual stationary batteries and battery banks used in critical battery back-up applications. The intuitive user interface, compact design and rugged construction ensure optimum performance, test results and reliability. Fluke 500 Series Battery Analyzers cover a broad range of battery test functions ranging from DC voltage and resistance tests to full condition testing using an automated string function testing and the test probe integrated infra-red temperature measurement system. 500 Series Battery Analyzers are designed for measurements on stationary batteries of all types.



Fluke 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester

1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester


The most complete lamp tester helps save you time, reduce costs
The Fluke 1000FLT allows you to perform 5 tests with 1 compact tool. If your job requires keeping large numbers of fluorescent lights shining, the Fluke 1000FLT is an indispensable tool. This tester is a real time and money saver.

Fluke 830 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

Laser Shaft Alignment Tool


The Fluke 830 Laser Shaft Alignment Tool is the ideal test tool to precision-align rotating shafts in your facility.

It’s a known fact – all rotating machinery is susceptible to misalignment. If you’re still using rulers and dial indicators to ensure your rotating machinery is properly aligned, you could be losing thousands of dollars per year in replacement bearing costs, hours of unnecessary repair time, and crippling unplanned downtime, not to mention taking years off your machine’s useful life.

The Fluke 830 Laser Shaft Alignment tool is easy-to-use, giving you fast, accurate and actionable answers that will keep your plant up and running. When it comes to laser shaft alignment, data is good but answers are better.

Unlike using the straightedge method or dial indicators the Fluke 830 performs the complicated alignment calculations for you, meaning you’ll have the answers you need to quickly align your machine and get your plant up and running fast. An enhanced user interface provides easy to understand results that don’t require extensive alignment knowledge and the unique “All-in-One” result screen that shows you both coupling results and feet corrections (vertical and horizontal) in real terms making it easy to take corrective action.

Leader LT4600 Multi Format Video Generator

Leader LT4600 Multi Format Video Generator

LT4600 – Multi Format Video Generator
Compact Video Generator with 3G Capabilities

The compact, 1U half-rack sized, LT4600 Multiformat Video Generator is applicable to 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI systems. Various output capabilities, such as color bar, SDI check field test pattern, ID characters, logo mark in QVGA size, safety area marker, embedded audio, genlock model for external reference synchronization, and three independent analog black signal systems. Lip Sync function is part of the key features of this product.

Developed from the established LT4400 HD-SDI and SD-SDI generator, the LT4600 adds compatibility with 3G-SDI and dual link systems.  Its two SDI outputs can be used independently from each other. A lip sync testing function, optional in the earlier model, is included as standard in the LT4600. This feature allows measurement of timing offsets caused by latency differences between video and audio processors. The compact 1U half-rack-width dimensions of the  dimensions of the LT4400 are retained.

The LT4600 can generate ID characters for superimposition at any operator-assigned position on the output display. A user-defined logo of up to 320 pixels width by 240 lines depth (QVGA) size can also be positioned anywhere on the screen. This logo is converted from a bitmap to four-levels of monochrome. 90% and 80% safety area markers can be superimposed on the screen. A 4:3 aspect ratio marker can also be superimposed in 3G-SDI or HD-SDI formats. A motion picture mode is provided to scroll the pattern.

Audio facilities include the ability to generate 32 channels of embedded audio. These consist of link A and link B, each comprising 4 channels by 4 groups for 3G-SDI. 16 channels of embedded audio signals (4 channels by 4 groups) can be superimposed. Frequency and level can be set for each channel.

The LT4600 can be locked to NTSC/PAL black burst or HDTV tri-level sync signal. A Stay-In function can be used in case of genlock input errors.

Three independent analog black signal outputs are provided. Black burst can be selected with the same format as the SDI output. HDTV tri-level sync with the same format of clock frequency can be selected for variable timing. A 48 kilohertz wordclock output plus a 48 kilohertz AES/EBU output are provided to synchronize the audio signal.

The LT4600 supports SNMP protocol, allowing easy integration into a networked system. User data can be saved or updated via a USB interface.


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Leader LT4446 Changeover Unit for LT4600 Signal Generator

Leader LT4446 Changeover Unit for LT4600 Signal Generator

LT4446 – Auto Changeover for the LT4600

The LT4446 is a changeover unit that automatically switches the signal from the primary signal to the backup signal when problems are detected in the primary signal. Two systems of input signals (primary and backup) are connected to the LT4446. The changeover detects errors in the amplitude of the primary input signal.

A single LT4446 provides 11 channels. These channels can receive SDI, NTSC/PAL black burst, HD tri-level sync, AES/EBU digital audio, and word-clock signals. SDI signals are switched with relays; all other signals can be switched with electronic switches. The power supplies are redundant. Alarms are generated when errors occur


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