Hioki ST5520 Insulation Testers

ST5520 Insulation Testers


The Hioki electrical safety test instrument series is designed for insulation resistance and voltage withstand testing of electrical devices and components according to various safety standards. The ST5520 and ST5520-01 are the fastest insulation testers in the industry, delivering pass/fail assessment in as fast as 50 ms. 25 to 1000 V test voltage with 1 V resolution.

  • Industry-beating test time

Rapidly assess in as fast as 50 ms
Testing is complete in as little as 50 ms — the fastest time in the industry. This is 700 ms faster than legacy Hioki models.

  • Discharge time varies according to the sample’s capacitance
  • The pictured waveform reflects use of a test time of  45 ms
  • The waveform shows the test result for a 9 MΩ, 10 pF sample

Agilent 33500B Series Waveform Generators

33500B Series Waveform Generators


Get the capability, fidelity and flexibility you need to characterize your components and designs with confidence

33500B Series waveform generators with exclusive Trueform signal generation technology offer more capability, fidelity and flexibility than traditional DDS generators. Use them to accelerate your development process from start to finish.Over the past two decades, direct digital synthesis (DDS) has been the waveform generation technology of choice in function generators and economical arbitrary waveform generators. DDS enables waveform generators with great frequency resolution, convenient custom wave-forms, and a low price.

As with any technology, DDS has intrinsic downsides and limitations as well. Engineers with exacting requirements have had to either work around the compromised performance or spend up to 10 times more for a high-end, point-by-point waveform generator.

Agilent’s Trueform technology offers a new alternative that blends the best of DDS and point-by-point architectures, giving you the benefits of both without the limitations of either. Trueform technology uses an exclusive digital sampling technique that delivers unmatched performance at the same low price you are accustomed to with DDS.

Summit Technology PK4564 PowerSight PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer

Summit Technology LogoSummit Technology PK4564 PowerSight PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer

This complete package has all that you need for complete analysis of single and 3-phase circuits up to 6000 amps and voltages up to 600 volts. The PK4564 bundles 4 eFX6000 flexible probes with the PS4500 PowerSight Power Quality Analyzer in a hard shell carry case.

The FX6000 flexible current probe is ideal for tight and confined spaces and larger conductors. Unlike other flexible Rogowski – type probes the FX6000 has excellent low current measurement capability in its low range for 1 – 150 amps, plus a high range for 10 – 6000 amps measurements: eFX6000 Flexible Current Probe. This kit comes with PC software and Report Writer.

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Hioki PW3335 Single-Phase AC/DC Power Meter Series

Hioki PW3335 Single-Phase AC/DC Power Meter Series


The PW3335 Power Meter is ideal for use in the development and production of solar panels and AC adapters, secondary-side DC equipment and inverters, and power converters such as thyristors. Equipped with multiple functions for computing a wide variety of items, the PW-3335 Power Meter can also be used alone for detailed analysis.

The PW3335 is engineered to comply with important international standards, including IEC62301 for electrical power consumption in standby mode and the ErP Directive or Energy Star standard. It can also be used to find the special parameters required by the standards – such as THD, CF, and MCR. The PW3335 Power Meter delivers a range configuration that lets you measure extremely low power levels with a margin to spare. Accuracy can be set from 10 μA and up for current, and 0 W and up for effective power.

All measurement data are internally processed in parallel simultaneously. Even when waveforms have mixed AC/DC components – half-wave rectification waveforms for example – the individual components can be measured simultaneously. The PC communication application further enables 180 or more measurement parameters to be acquired simultaneously. This model comes with a RS-232C connection terminal in the back of the power meter.

Power Meter PW3335 Features

AC and DC power measurement capability and IEC 62301-compliant standby power measurement capability

Whereas the legacy 3332 was limited to AC power measurement, the PW3335 can measure both AC and DC components. Consequently, it can also be used to measure the power consumption of battery-driven devices and devices powered by a DC power supply such as an AC adapter. In addition, the instrument can measure the standby power of devices powered by AC adapters, a capability that is in increasing demand today. The PW3335 complies with IEC 62301, an international standard governing standby power measurement.

High-precision, DC/low-frequency power measurement capability

Power meters, which are used to assess energy-saving performance, are generally required to operate at a high degree of precision. Whereas the 3332 offered basic precision of 0.2%, the PW3335 delivers basic precision of 0.15% – an improvement of 0.05%.

Further, while the 3332 offered a measurement frequency band of 1 Hz to 100 kHz, the PW3335 delivers a much wider measurement frequency band of DC and 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz, adding DC and low-frequency measurement to the capabilities inherited from the legacy product.

Broad selection of current measurement ranges to allow measurement of systems ranging from minuscule currents to high currents

The PW3335 ships with a broad range of current measurement ranges to provide coverage from 1 mA to 20 A and a current input range from 10 uA to 30 A for direct input and up to 5,000 A (AC) when using a current sensor.

Standby power measurement requires the ability to measure more minuscule currents, and only Hioki products provide current measurement ranges of 1 mA and 2 mA for this parameter.

Auto-range integration function: A proprietary Hioki function for ascertaining integrated power for individual ranges

Printers used in offices are a standard example of an industrial device whose standby power and power consumption are measured by manufacturers. Printers are designed so that they can resume operation from sleep mode quickly when called upon to print a document. When a printer does so, the measured current fluctuates to a significant degree. The PW3335’s auto-range function allows the instrument to automatically switch among appropriate measurement ranges to accommodate such fluctuations, and as a result users can ascertain integrated values for power consumption over a series of device operations.

Thanks to another function that is not available on competitors’ products, the instrument lets users ascertain an integrated power value for each range used in auto-range operation. As a result, integrated power values for the printer in sleep mode as well as at the resumption of operation and when printing can be acquired using the optimal measurement range for each.

Built-in harmonic analysis

The PW3335 ships standard with a harmonic analysis function. Harmonics are high-frequency components other than the commercial frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz). These components cause distortion in voltage and current and can lead to device malfunctions as a result. Consequently, there is an extremely high level of need for harmonic analysis functionality in the development of electronic devices and other equipment.

GP-IB, LAN, and other interfaces

The PW3335 ships standard with a LAN interface and is available with GP-IB and RS-232C interfaces. Models with D/A output and external sensor input are also available, enabling users to choose the variant that best matches their needs.

Single-Phase AC/DC Power Meter
Hioki PW3335Power Meter with RS-232C
Hioki PW3335-01Power Meter With GP-IB
Hioki PW3335-02Power Meter With RS-232C,D/A
Hioki PW3335-03Power Meter With RS-232C, Current Sensor Input
Hioki PW3335-04Power Meter With RS-232C,GP-IB,D/A, Current Sensor Input



Ideal LanTEK II Series Cable Certifier

LanTEK II Series Cable Certifier


LanTEK II 350/500/1000 Cable Certifier

LanTEK II offers the best speed, performance and price available today. Nine second Cat 5E and 14 second Cat 6 tests with full performance data plus 10 Gigabit Alien Crosstalk testing that’s more than 4x faster than other systems making LanTEK II the ultimate copper certification platform. The patented universal adapter system lets you certify most cabling with off-the-shelf patch cords saving time and money by eliminating the need for proprietary permanent link adapters.

The optional FiberTEK FDX modules provide the world’s only dual wavelength, bidirectional fiber certification available. That’s more than 3x faster than existing testers. Three models provide the needed performance without the added expense; choose from 350 MHz/Cat 6, 500 MHz/Cat 6A or 1000 MHz/Cat7A all with accuracy independently verified by ETL.

LanTEK II also offers ultimate versatility with options for certification of TERA, GG45 and EC7 category 7/7A systems, plus M12 industrial Ethernet and coaxial test adapters.

Leica 806648 D810 DISTO Touch Laser Distance Meter Pro Kit

 Leica 806648 D810 DISTO Touch Laser Distance Meter Pro Kit

Leica 806648 D810 DISTO Touch Laser Distance Meter Pro Kit

Precise measuring over long distances requires a stable setup. Holding the distance meter often produces inaccurate results, and it is often difficult to fine adjust the laser to the target. Leica’s DISTO D810 Pro Kit changes that.

Leica’s DISTO D810 Touch is the worlds first laser distance meter with touch screen capabilities, and features the revolutionary “measure with a picture” feature using an integrated camera. With only one measurement it reads out height, width, area and diameter of objects.

The new DISTO D810 pro kit supports professionals by helping them save time and money, and increase their productivity. Along with the DISTO D810 Touch, users also receive the ft.A360 tripod adapter and TRI70 tripod.


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Rigol DS1000E, DS1000D Series Digital Oscilloscopes

Rigol DS1000E, DS1000D Series Digital Oscilloscopes

Rigol DS1000E, DS1000D Series Digital Oscilloscopes
DS1102E, DS1052E, DS1102D, DS1052D

DS1000E, DS1000D series are kinds of economical digital oscilloscope with high-performance.

DS1000E series are designed with dual channels and 1 external trigger channel.

DS1000D series are designed with dual channels and 1 external trigger channel as well as 16 channels logic analyzer.

Electronic Circuit Test, Circuit Functional Test, Logical Relation Between Singals, Verification, Circuit of Mixed Signal Test, Education & Training.

Main Features
Dual analog channels and 16 channels logic analyzer, 100MHz maximum bandwidth, 1GSa/s maximum real-time Sample rate and  25GSa/s maximum equivalent Sample rate  5.6 inch and 64 k TFT LCD make the waveform displays more clear and vivid
Abundant trigger types: Edge, Pulse Width,
Video, Slope, Alternate, Pattern and Duration
Unique adjustable trigger sensitivity enables to meet different demands
Enable to measure 20 types of wave parameters and track measurements via cursor automatically
Unique waveform record and replay function
Fine delayed scan function
Built-in FFT function, hold practical digital filters
Pass/Fail detection function enables to output testing results
Math operations available to multiple waves
Powerful PC application software UltraScope
Standard configuration interface: USB Device, USB Host , RS-232 and support U disk storage and PictBridge print standards
The new function “Key Lock” can meet the needs of industrial production
Support for remote command control

Easy to Use Design
Built-in help menu enables information getting more convenient
Multiple Language User Interface, support
Chinese & English input
Support U disk and local files storage
Waveform intensity can be adjusted
To display a signal automatically by AUTO
Pop-up menu makes it easy to read and use

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Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3000 Oscilloscopes

Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3000 Oscilloscopes


LeCroy WaveSurfer 3074 750MHz, 4 CH Digital Oscilloscope

WaveSurfer 3000 oscilloscopes feature the MAUI advanced user interface with touch screen simplicity to shorten debug time. Quickly identify and isolate anomalies with WaveScan, Fast Display, and History mode for faster troubleshooting; LabNotebook enables easy documentation and convenient collaboration. The advanced probe interface, upgradable bandwidth and multi-instrument capabilities provide maximum versatility and investment protection.

MAUI – A New Wave of Thinking

MAUI is the most advanced oscilloscope user interface. MAUI is designed for touch; all important oscilloscope controls are accessed through the intuitive touch screen. MAUI is made for simplicity; time saving shortcuts and intuitive dialogs simplify setup. MAUI is built to solve; deep set of debug and analysis tools help identify problems and find solutions quickly.

Multi-Instrument Capabilities

Beyond traditional oscilloscope functionality the WaveSurfer 3000  has a variety of multi-instrument capabilities including waveform generation with a built-in function generator, protocol analysis with serial data trigger and decode, and logic analysis with an available 16 channel mixed signal option.

Designed for touch.

All important controls for vertical, horizontal and trigger are always one touch away. Touch the waveform to position and drag a box around it to zoom in for more details. Position cursors, configure measurements and interact with tables all through simple touch operation.

Built for simplicity.

Basic waveform viewing and measurement tools as well as advanced math and analysis capabilities are seamlessly integrated in a single user interface. Time saving short-cuts and intuitive dialogs simplify setup and shorten debug time.

Made to solve.

Measure all aspects of a waveform to identify problems. Debug with a large set of time saving tools to find the cause of problems. Solve problems fast with powerful analysis tools.


Advanced Anomaly Detection

Combining a fast waveform update rate of 130,000 waveforms/second with History mode waveform playback and WaveScan search and find, the WaveSurfer 3000 is an outstanding tool for waveform anomaly detection. A powerful set of triggering capabilities ensures that once a problem is detected it can be isolated and analyzed.

WaveScan Advanced Search

Locate unusual events in a single capture or scan for an anomaly across many acquisitions over a long period of time. WaveScan provides powerful isolation capabilities that hardware triggers cannot provide. Select from more than 20 search modes to find events on any analog or digital channel. Since the scanning modes are not simply copies of the hardware triggers, the utility and capability is much higher. There is no frequency trigger in any oscilloscope, yet WaveScan allows for frequency to be quickly scanned notifying the user upon a shift in frequency. Searching can be done based on measured waveform parameters, runts and non-monotonic edges as well as digital patterns. Built on the traditional Teledyne LeCroy strength of fast data processing, WaveScan quickly and efficiently scans millions of events looking for unusual occurrences. Search and scan results can be seen with annotations directly on the waveform or in the interactive table. Quickly zoom to an event to see more details by simply touching it in the table.

Powerful Triggering

Good triggering is essential for effective debug and with a powerful combination basic and advanced triggers the WaveSurfer 3000 ensures that even the most challenging problems can be isolated. Basic triggering like edge and width are great for every day operation. Advanced triggers like runt or interval help isolate anomalies quickly. Qualified triggering allows for configuring a trigger across multiple channels. With the MSO leadset connected, powerful logic triggering can be set up to catch a parallel pattern of up to 16 digital channels. Analog channels can be added to the pattern trigger to configure an analog-digital cross pattern, mixed signal trigger. Beyond the standard oscilloscope triggering, unique serial data triggering capabilities for I 2C, SPI, UART and RS-232 add protocol specific triggering to isolate activity on a variety of serial busses.

Fast Waveform Update

A fast update rate ensures that no waveform variations or details are missed. With an update rate of up to 130,000 waveforms per second the WaveSurfer 3000 is able to easily display random or infrequent events simplifying anomaly detection, identification and debug. Rapidly changing waveforms are easy to see and visually inspect. Changes over time can be seen with the intensity graded persistence display.

History Mode Waveform Playback

Scroll back in time using History Mode to view previous waveforms and isolate anomalies. Use cursors and measurement parameters to quickly find the source of problems. History mode is always available with a single button press, no need to enable this mode and never miss a waveform.

Capture. Debug. Analyze. Document.

The advanced active probe interface gives tremendous flexibility for capturing all types of signals. Debug, analyze and document problems through the use of powerful math and measurement capabilities, sequence mode segmented memory, and LabNotebook.

Advanced Waveform Capture with Sequence Mode

Use Sequence mode to save waveforms into segmented memory. This is ideal for capturing fast pulses in quick succession or when capturing events separated by long time intervals. Combine Sequence mode with advanced triggers to isolate rare events over time. Trigger times and time between segments are provided for additional insight.

Advanced Math Capabilities

A deep set of 20 math functions adds to the problem solving capability of WaveSurfer 3000. Math functions provide quick insight into waveforms and help point to the cause of the most challenging problems. Functions like the powerful FFT provide details of the frequency domain while averaging effectively filters noise out of the signal.

Superior Measurement Tools

With 24 measurement parameters, the WaveSurfer 3000 can measure and analyze every aspect of analog and digital waveforms. Statistics and histicons go beyond traditional measurement tools providing insight to how a waveform changes over time. Measurement data can be trended to create a visual representation of changing measurements

Protocol Analysis with Serial Trigger and Decode

Debugging serial data busses can be confusing and time consuming. Time saving protocol analysis capabilities are provided by the serial trigger and decode tools.

Intuitive, Color-Coded Protocol Decode Overlay

Protocol decoding is shown directly on the waveform with an intuitive, colorcoded overlay and presented in binary, hex or decimal. Decoding is fast even with long memory and zooming in to the waveform shows precise byte by byte decoding.

Powerful Serial Data Triggers

The serial data trigger will quickly isolate events on a bus eliminating the need to set manual triggers hoping to catch the right information. Trigger conditions can be entered in binary or hexadecimal formats and conditional trigger capabilities allow for triggering on a range of different events.

WaveSurfer 3000 Oscilloscopes
Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3074
750 MHz, 4 GS/s, 4 Ch, 10 Mpts/ch DSO with 10.1″ Wide screen Color Touch Screen Display
Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3022
200 MHz, 4 GS/s, 2 Ch, 10 Mpts/ch DSO with 10.1″ Wide screen Color Touch Screen Display
Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3024
200 MHz, 4 GS/s, 4 Ch, 10 Mpts/ch DSO with 10.1″ Wide screen Color Touch Screen Display
Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3034
350 MHz, 4 GS/s, 4 Ch, 10 Mpts/ch DSO with 10.1″ Wide screen Color Touch Screen Display
Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3054
500 MHz, 4 GS/s, 4 Ch, 10 Mpts/ch DSO with 10.1″ Wide screen Color Touch Screen Display



TPI 510 Solar Irradiance Meter

Leica DISTO™ E7100i Laser Distance Meter

The TPI 510 is an easy to use, solar irradiance meter for measurement of not only solar radiation, but all measureable light sources including all visible light.

The TPI Solar Meter is state of the art and easy to use. It is designed to measure solar power in W/m2 or BTU (ft2*h).


  • Use to find the optimal angle of inclination for installing solar panels
  • Measure light intensity through windows
  • Determine the effectiveness of solar film / window tint
  • Suitable for measuring the effectiveness of solar film
  • Car windows light intensity measurement
  • Optimal incident angle for solar panels
  • Measurement of the sun’s transmission through transparent and film glass

Measuring your car headlights:

Turn the car headlights on. Turn on the 510 solar meter, and “00.0” appears on the screen. Put the 510 down close to the headlights. Switch between high beam and low beam, and the light intensity values appear on the display. Test both the right and left headlights and write the values down for reference. (Refer to Picture 1)


Measure the effect of solar insulation of your vehicle’s windows:

Press the Power button to turn the 510 solar meter on and “00.0” appears on the screen. Aim the 510 at the sun holding it close to a window and the intensity value appears on the display. Open the window and aim the device at the sun. Compare the value against that acquired when the window is closed to understand the efficiency of the window’s solar film. (Refer to Picture 1)

NOTE:When the light sensor cover is not attached “CAP” is indicated. Make sure that it is attached. If performing the zero adjustment after powering on, several digits may not disappear. In this case, perform the zero adjustment again.

Measure the solar insulation effect of your house’s windows:

Close the window. Press the Power button on your 510 solar meter, and “00.0” comes up on the screen. Put the device close to the window and aim it at the sun. Compare the value against that acquired when the window is open and the device is placed at the same position, in order to understand the window’s heat efficiency.

(Refer to Picture 2)


Product Documentation

The TPI Solar Meter is state of the art and easy to use. It is designed to measure solar power in W/mor BTU (ft2*h).




Tektronix RSA306 USB Spectrum Analyzer

RSA306 USB Spectrum Analyzer


The RSA306 uses your PC and Tektronix SignalVu-PC™ RF Signal Analysis Software to provide real time spectrum analysis, streaming capture and deep signal analysis capabilities for signals from 9 kHz to 6.2 GHz, all in a low-cost, highly portable package that is ideal for field, factory, or academic use.

The RSA306: a new class of instrument

The RSA306 offers full-featured spectrum analysis and deep signal analysis at a price unmatched by any previous offering. Using the latest in commercial interfaces and available computing power, the RSA306 separates signal acquisition from measurement, dramatically lowering the cost of instrument hardware. Data analysis, storage and replay is performed on your personal computer, tablet or laptop. Managing the PC separately from the acquisition hardware makes processing upgrades easy, and minimizes IT management issues.

SignalVu-PC™ software and an API for deep analysis and fast programmatic interaction

The RSA306 operates with SignalVu-PC, a powerful program that is the basis of Tektronix performance signal analyzers. SignalVu-PC offers a deep analysis capability previously unavailable in value-priced solutions. Real-time processing of the DPX spectrum/spectrogram is enabled in your PC, further reducing the cost of hardware. Customers who need programmatic access to the instrument can choose either the SignalVu-PC programmatic interface or use the included application programming interface (API) that provides a rich set of commands and measurements. A MATLAB driver for the API is available, enabling operation with MATLAB and the Instrument Control Toolbox.