BK Precision 4075B Series Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generators

4075B Series Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generators



The 4075B Series Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generators are versatile high-performance  single- and dual-channel arbitrary waveform  generators with large arbitrary memory depth. The instruments provide variable output voltages from 0 to 10 Vp-p into 50 ohms or up to 20 Vp-p into open circuit and a continuously variable DC offset that allows the output to be injected directly into circuits at the correct bias level.

These generators combine the benefits of DDS (direct digital synthesis) and true AWG (arbitrary waveform generator) architectures without the  limitations of either. Standard waveforms such as sine, square, and triangle are generated with a DDS chip, delivering great frequency resolution at a low cost. Custom arbitrary waveform generation is implemented with a true point-by-point design, offering improved signal integrity by producing significantly less jitter and distortion compared  to a DDS-only architecture. This point-by-pointgeneration capability allows these instruments  to be used for simulating reliable clock signals,  generating triggers, or validating serial data buses.

Additionally, these generators can be used with B&K Precision’s waveform editing software WaveXpress to create complex arbitrary  waveforms.

Extensive features such as internal or external  AM, FM, and FSK modulation along with  versatile sweep capabilities and variable edge pulse generation make these generators suitable for a wide range of applications.

Ideal SignalTEK – Data Cable Transmission Tester

Ideal SignalTEK – Data Cable Transmission Tester


What it is

The new SignalTEK CT issues a PDF report to prove that your installed data cables can carry Gigabit Ethernet traffic at full speed with no errors, and confirms correct wiremap results.

For installers, this means having a cost-effective way to demonstrate that the copper cabling was installed correctly and is capable of supporting Ethernet applications. By proving real world performance, SignalTEK CT confirms a professional job – reducing the risk of call backs.

SignalTEK CT also gives network owners the assurance that installed cabling will support bandwidth hungry services like VoIP, IP CCTV and video streaming following moves, adds and changes.

  • Fast – Autotest provides proof of copper cable performance in three simple steps.
  • Performance – Second handset allows Gigabit data traffic to be transmitted in a real world scenario.
  • Intuitive – Automatic generation of PDF reports uploaded to USB memory stick without a PC.
  • Dependable – Test to the IEEE802.3ab standard.

Today’s challenge

The foundation of all Ethernet networks is the physical cabling. As networks become faster and more complex they become more susceptible to disruption from external interference as well as faulty cabling and or connectors. These physical layer problems can cause a high number of server re-transmissions resulting in network drop-out or slow connection speeds.

If network performance issues are to be avoided, today’s installers and technicians need test equipment that not only verifies correct wiring but also confirms a link’s ability to transmit data at full rate.

Tomorrow‘s solution

Uniquely SignalTEK CT proves a link’s ability to support Gigabit applications by performing two primary tests; data transmission and wiremap testing.

With a single press of the Autotest button, SignalTEK CT transmits 823,452 data frames between the two handsets and reports any transmission errors against performance criteria laid down by the IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet Standard.

It takes only 1 bit of data to get corrupted or lost to give rise to a transmission test failure.

Autotest also measures cable length and checks for wiring faults such as crossed pairs, opens, shorts and split pairs.

Simple pass/fail results are displayed once the Autotest is complete which can be automatically saved for later review or download.

Fast & Flexible

  • Fast Autotest provides proof of network performance in seconds
  • USB port enables rapid transfer of test results to memory stick
  • Support for shielded and unshielded twisted pair cable including Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A and Cat 7 (TIA 568A and 568B wiring schemes)
  • Stores up to 5000 tests to accommodate even the largest jobs
  • Ability to identify and trace cables with a compatible amplifier probe (62-164)


  • Automatic generation of PDF format test reports makes documentation effortless
  • User-friendly menu structure for trouble-free operation and minimal training
  • Simple cable naming and job creation enhances on-site productivity


  • Tests against IEEE802.3ab to assure cable performance against a recognised international standard
  • Field replaceable RJ-45 contacts eliminate downtime from worn or damaged connectors
  • Rugged design provides protection against knocks in the field
  • No requirement for annual calibration reducing cost of ownership
Data Cable Transmission Tester
Ideal R156001
SIGNALTEK II FO Copper Plus Fiber Qualifier
Ideal R156002



NK Technologies VTR Series AC Voltage Transducers

NK Technologies VTR Series AC Voltage Transducers

VTR Series AC Voltage Transducers are high-performance True RMS transducers for sensing voltage in single- and three-phase installations. Applicable on circuits of 120 V, 240 V, 480 V and 600 V, the VTR Series voltage transducers provide a fully isolated, 4–20 mA output proportional to rated voltage in both sinusoidal and non- sinusoidal (variable frequency) situations. Housed in a slim, compact, easy-to-install DIN rail mount enclosure, the VTR Series comes in a variety of voltage ranges and with four- wire terminal block connection.

Voltage Transducer Applications – True RMS Voltage Monitoring

  • Detect below normal or “brown out” voltage conditions; protect against possible motor overheating.
  • Identify phase loss conditions by detecting voltage reduction in one or more phase of three-phase motor.
  • Monitor over voltage conditions associated with regenerative voltage to help in diagnosing/avoiding motor drive issues.
  • Detect voltage conditions which may cause stress in or damage to soft starter components (SCRs).
VTR Series AC Voltage Transducers
NK VTR1-420-24L-DIN
True RMS Voltage Transducer, 120 VAC Nominal Range
NK VTR2-420-24L-DIN
True RMS Voltage Transducer, 150 VAC Nominal Range
NK VTR3-420-24L-DIN
True RMS Voltage Transducer, 240 VAC Nominal Range
NK VTR4-420-24L-DIN
True RMS Voltage Transducer, 480 VAC Nominal Range
NK VTR5-420-24L-DIN
True RMS Voltage Transducer, 500 VAC Nominal Range
NK VTR6-420-24L-DIN
True RMS Voltage Transducer, 600 VAC Nominal Range



Protek A434L 5 MHz- 4 GHz, +/-3 ppm RF Master Antenna & Cable Tester

 Protek A434L 5 MHz- 4 GHz, +/-3 ppm RF Master Antenna & Cable Tester

Protek A434L is a new antenna and cable analyzer designed for use in the field offering the four measurement capabilities such as VSWR, cable Losss, DTF (Distance to Fault) and power meter with convenient short-cut buttons. Protek A434L has been lighter with longer battery life than the predessor A434. The Lightweight and simple operation make Protek A434L indispensable to technicians who need and efficient measuring instrument outdoors for the installation and maintenance of antenna systems.

A large number of abnormal cell site problems are typically caused by the antenna system, cable and connectors or both. It’s important to have the right instrument available when either servicing or certifying cell sites for operation. The Protek A434L 5MHz to 4GHz RF Master is an antenna and cable analyzer offering measurement capabilities such as VSWR, cable loss and DTF.

The A-434-L helps field engineers perform field verification and is leading choice for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of microwave cables and communication systems in cellular and broadcast industries.

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Protek A734 100kHz ~ 4.4GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

A734 100kHz ~ 4.4GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer


New Protek A734 handheld spectrum analyzer has been optimized for the convenience of mobility with lightweight (<2Kg), 5,7 inch sunlight readable LCD, long battery life (> 8 hours) and smart battery indicator. Comparable DANL ( Displayed Average Noise Level) enables users to detect more accurately low level of signals and additional features such as phase noise management, audio listen, and zero span options, will lead users to take advantage of Protek A734 in more field applications than other spectrum analyzers.

TPI 621C3 Piece Dual Input Digital Manometer Kit

 TPI 621C3 Piece Dual Input Digital Manometer Kit

TPI 621C3 Piece Dual Input Digital Manometer Kit

TPI 621C3 Manometer Pressure features Dual input with +/-120 inch H2O range. 0.001 inch H2O maximum resolution.

Seven units of measure (mbar, kPa, PSI, mmHg, inHg, mmH2O, inH2O). Display – 5 digit with backlight. Smooth – Stabilizes display when measuring fluctuating pressures. Auto Off -Conserve battery power.

TPI 621C3 Differential input high resolution manometer with A612 protective boot, two A603 1/8 inch barbed NPT fittings, two A605 1/8 inch barbed T fittings, two A776 static tips,and A908 carrying case with shoulder strap.

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Gossen M600A MAVOSPEC Miniaturized Spectrometer

M600A MAVOSPEC Miniaturized Spectrometer



The Handy Light Lab integrates the performance of a high-end spectrometer into a portable meter with intuitive touch-screen operation and a high resolution color display in a unique fashion. Light measurement data are acquired quickly and accurately, and are visualized by the meter’s internal software in a manner which is equally understandable for experts and laypersons. The miniaturized spectrometer is exceptionally well laid out for portable and stationary measurement of LEDs, OLEDs and all other light sources within the visible range.

For the first time ever, the MAVOSPEC unites a top quality photonic measuring system with and Android operating system and an intuitive user interface which is typical for portable devices. Diverse communication capabilities via USB and WiFi support data transmission and control with external software, as well as integration into stationary measuring systems. The outstanding optical system generates minimal spurious light within a range of 340 to 750 nm, and consists of miniaturized collimator lenses with nano-printed diffraction lines as well as a high- quality CMOS image sensor.

Kestrel 4600 Heat Stress Meter Series

Kestrel 4600 Heat Stress Meter Series

The Kestrel 4600 Heat Stress Meter with Compass provides two vital functions in one unit. Determine appropriate exposure to heat stress conditions for occupations with heavy gear requirements, such as HAZMAT response and firefighting, AND utilize wind speed and direction for plume prediction and modeling. This meter also displays thermal work limit (“TWL”), another recognized composite heat stress prediction tool. Carry less equipment and get more accomplished quickly in emergency situations!

The Kestrel 4600 Heat Stress Meter is the most reliable heat safety meter for emergency response personnel, hazmat crews and others who need accurate, environmental readings in order to properly assess environmental conditions and personnel safety in the field.  The Kestrel 4600 offers protection to those are exposed to extreme conditions by providing real-time monitoring of indoor or outdoor conditions. 

Built tough enough to stand up to extreme hot and cold temperatures, the Kestrel 4600 is a rugged and easy-to-use handheld weather meter that monitors heat-related environmental conditions quickly with the touch of a button.  Easy to program and incredibly reliable in the field, the meter generates highly accurate Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) readings within a single portable, lightweight device that doesn’t require any water or a complicated set up to use.

The Kestrel 4600 is used to determine exposure to heat stress conditions within minutes of exposure to the environment.  This handy, portable meter also lets users activate and set up to six customized heat stress warning zone thresholds to trigger onscreen notifications of dangerous conditions.  A valuable tool that can save a life out in the field or indoors in extremely hot and smoky conditions, the Kestrel 4600 Heat Stress Meter sounds an alarm when the WBGT reaches a desired threshold or when it enters into an unsafe range, allowing field personnel to get to safer conditions or to notify them to take a water break in order to avoid dehydration or other heat-related illnesses.  

For emergency personnel and hazmat crews, having to wear heavy gear combined with the constant threat of fire, chemical blasts or combustive materials can all contribute to the risk of heat-related injuries, including heat stress, heat stroke and even death.  Fortunately, these risks can be easily mitigated with consistent monitoring of heat-related environmental conditions.  The Kestrel 4600 Heat Stress tracker is the perfect tool for the job, offering precise readings and several easy to use functions that provide data right at your fingertips.  Easy to use and transport out in the field, the Kestrel 4600 Heat Stress Meter allows users to carry less equipment on the job while still getting all of the atmospheric data they need to properly assess conditions and monitor WBGT, the most common composite measurement used to determine exposure to heat stress conditions.

With the Kestrel 4600 Heat Stress instrument, firefighters, hazmat professionals, emergency services personnel and others who are risk of heat-related injuries due to exposures to extreme indoor and outdoor conditions can easily monitor conditions with real-time WBGT readings.  The lightweight, durable heat stress meter also includes a digital compass, allowing users to monitor wind direction for plume prediction.  The Kestrel 4600 Heat Stress Meter also comes with a compact (2.5 x 2.5 x 6 in.) padded carry case, and a portable vane mount that can be mounted on any tripod for hands-free monitoring. Bluetooth® enabled units can even transmit data to personnel inside a response vehicle.

The Kestrel 4600 heat stress tracker offers accurate and localized measurement of heat stress conditions which is a key component of a heat illness prevention plan. Human heat stress results from a combination of many environmental factors – air temperature and humidity along with radiant heat from the sun and surfaces, balanced by the cooling effect of breezes or air flow. Anyone who has stood under welcome shade adjacent to a sizzling parking lot understands that these conditions must be evaluated exactly where peoples' activities are taking place. The most common composite measurement used to determine appropriate exposure to heat stress conditions is Wet Bulb Globe Temperature or “WBGT." The American College of Sports Medicine, the American Conference "of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, and the US Military all have published threshold limit values (TLV's) or reference guidelines for conditions, activity levels and hydration based on WBGT, clothing levels and acclimatization of participants.

Difference between Kestrel 4400 & 4600

These meters are very similar in function with 1 major difference worth noting.  

  • The 4600 has a build in digiital compass, the 4400 does NOT.  This has been very useful for Hazmat and military personnel around the world in reporting and analyzing incoming environmental factors.

Kestrel 4600 Measures:

  • Wind speed
  • Measures all of the parameters required for CAMEO/ ALOHA software and PEAC-WMD software by Aristatek to monitor plume dispersion
  • Thermal Work Limit (TWL)
  • Wet Bulb Globe Temperature ("WBGT")
  • Temperature
  • Wind chill
  • Barometric pressure
  • Altitude
  • Relative humidity
  • Heat stress index
  • Dewpoint
  • Wet bulb temperature
  • Density altitude
  • Wind direction
  • Crosswind
  • Headwind/tailwind
  • Naturally aspirated wet bulb temperature
  • Globe temperature
Heat Stress Meter
Kestrel 0846BNVTAN
Heat Stress Meter with Wind Direction, Settable Flags, Datalogging, Night Vision and Bluetooth (Desert Tan)
Kestrel 0846B
Heat Stress Meter with Wind Direction, Settable Flags, Datalogging and Bluetooth, 4600BT
Kestrel 0846NVTAN
Heat Stress Meter with Wind Direction, Settable Flags, Datalogging and Night Vision (Desert Tan)
Kestrel 0846NVOLV
Heat Stress Meter with Wind Direction, Settable Flags, Datalogging and Night Vision (Olive Drab)
Kestrel 0846BNVOLV
Heat Stress Meter with Wind Direction, Settable Flags, Datalogging, Night Vision and Bluetooth (Olive Drab)



Bacharach 3015-8004 H-10 Pro Refrigerant Leak Detectors

3015-8004 H-10 Pro Refrigerant Leak Detectors



Bacharach’s H-10 PRO is a versatile, high-performance refrigerant leak detector that has been re-engineered on a proven platform with enhanced sensor performance to locate small, medium or large leaks more quickly and efficiently than ever before. The H-10 PRO utilizes a tried-and-true positive ion emission heated diode sensor and selectable sensitivity for the ultimate accuracy in pinpointing the leak source.

Enclosed in a durable case with rugged shoulder strap and 4.5 foot (1.37 m) probe, the instrument also features a visible LED leak rate indicator on the probe tip as well as an audible buzzer. The H-10 PRO is the universal standard for checking halogen-based refrigerant leaks in commercial and residential applications.