EL302P/EL302P-USB: operation via RS-232 or USB

EL302P/EL302P-USB: operation via RS-232 or USB

The EL302P is a digitally controlled version of the EL302 with an isolated RS-232 interface. It offers a low-cost solution for a basic programmable PSU and will be sufficient for many applications where the sophistication and complexity of GPIB is not needed.

A simple command set allows remote control of voltage, current and output enable together with read-back of metering values and operational status. Local control is via three rotary encoders providing rapid and accurate setting of voltage and current during bench use.

The EL302P-USB has similar functionality but is controlled via a USB interface.

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The New EX-L Series Linear Regulated Precision DC Bench Power Supplies

The New EX-L Series Linear Regulated Precision DC Bench Power Supplies

The new EL-R series has been developed from the top selling EL series. By adding four digit meters and switchable remote sensing, the EL-R series offers much higher precision whilst retaining the simplicity of cooperation which many bench-top power supply users prefer.

Eight models are offered including single, dual and triple outputs and covering a power range of 30 watts up to 130 watts. The EL-R series incorporates separate voltage and current meters on each main output with a resolution of 10mV and 1mA. The fixed resolution avoids the misinterpretation of readings that can occur with auto-ranging 3 or 3½ digit meters where the decimal point position moves as the reading changes.

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TTi TGXA Series Function/Pulse/Arbitrary Generator

TGXA Series Function/Pulse/Arbitrary Generator


The TG5011A and TG2511A represent the state-of-the-art in DDS based function generators.The 50MHz TG5011A significantly outperforms many generators in its price range, not only because of its frequency range, but also from its all round performance and features.

The TG2511A incorporates a similar feature set at a still lower cost and represents exceptional value for those with lower frequency requirements.

Exceptional frequency precision
The frequency of these waveforms can be set with up to 14 digits or one micro hertz of resolution.The DDS based frequency generation system uses a TCXO timebase oscillator with a stability of 1ppm.Waveform quality
The TG501xA and TG251xA generate high purity sine waves with low harmonic distortion and low phase noise. Square waves have a rise time of below 8ns (13ns on TG251xA) and low overshoot. Variable symmetry can be used up to 25MHz.

Triangle and ramp
High quality triangle and variable symmetry ramp waveforms are available up to 1MHz (TG501xA) or 500kHz (TG251xA).

These waveforms are also available at higher frequencies via the arbitrary function but without symmetry adjustment and with reduced waveform quality as the frequency increases.

VLF generation
The high resolution of the DDS system means that very low frequencies can be set. For example, a frequency of around 1mHz could be set with a resolution of 0.1% and a stability of 1ppm.

TTi TG1 Series DDS Function Generator

TG1 Series DDS Function Generator


A DDS generator at a non-DDS price 
The TG1010A breaks new ground by offering a DDS function generator at a similar price to that of a conventional generator of comparable functionality. It can generate a wide variety of waveforms between 0.1mHz and 10MHz with a resolution of 7 digits and an accuracy better than 10ppm.

Direct digital synthesis for accuracy & stability 
Direct digital synthesis (DDS) is a technique for generating waveforms digitally using a phase accumulator, a look-up table and a DAC. The accuracy and stability of the resulting waveforms is related to that of the crystal master clock. The DDS generator offers not only exceptional accuracy and stability but also high spectral purity, low phase noise and excellent frequency agility.

A wide range of waveforms
The TG1010A generates high quality sine, square and pulse waveforms over the full frequency range of 0.1mHz to 10MHz.
Triangle waveforms, ramp waveforms and multi-level squarewaves can also be generated subject to some limitations in the maximum useable frequencies. Variable symmetry/duty-cycle is available for all waveforms.

Fully bus programmable
Addressable RS-232 standard, GPIB optional The TG1010A has an RS-232 interface as standard which can be used for remote control of all of the instrument functions or for the down-loading of arbitrary waveforms. As well as operating as a conventional RS-232 interface, it can also be used in addressable mode whereby up to 32 instruments can be linked to one PC serial port as part of a TTi “ARC” system. Alternatively, a GPIB interface conforming to IEEE-488.2 is available as an option.

TTi TF9 Series Universal Counter USB

TF9 Series Universal Counter USB


High measurement accuracy
The TF930 and TF960 use a high quality temperature compensated internal frequency reference (TCXO) which has a low aging rate and is stable to within ±1ppm over the full temperature range. Its short warm-up time allows accurate measurements to be made even under portable battery powered conditions.
An External Reference input is provided and changeover from the internal timebase is automatic when an external reference standard is connected.

High resolution
For frequency, period and frequency ratio functions the instrument uses a reciprocal counting technique to provide high resolution at all frequencies. Eight significant digits of answer are produced in a 1 second measurement time, nine digits in 10s and ten digits in 100s with a granularity of less than 2 counts in the least significant digit.

Flexible signal conditioning
Input A has configurable coupling (AC or DC), input impedance (1MW or 50W), attenuation (1:1 or 5:1), threshold (fully variable) and active edge, and can be used for frequencies in the range 0.001Hz to >125MHz. Input B is a nominal 50W input for frequencies in the range 80MHz to > 3GHz.

Input C (TF960 only) uses a standard N connector and has a nominal 50W input for frequencies in the range 1.8GHz to > 6GHz.

Multiple measurement functions
The TF930 and TF960 can measure frequency, period, pulse width, duty cycle and frequency ratio, as well as event counting (totalise).

Remote control and read-back via USB
The TF930 and TF960 incporporate a USB interface which allows it to be remotely controlled using RS232 protocol via a computer’s USB port. The remote commands of their predecessor instrument, the TF830, are compatible with the command set.

TTi TGA12100 Series Arbitrary Generator

TGA12100 Series Arbitrary Generator


Universal generators
The TGA1200 series combine a true variable clock arbitrary generator with a high performance DDS function generator and pulse generator in a single instrument.

A true arbitrary generator
The TGA1200 series are highly sophisticated 12-bit arbitrary generators capable of recreat- ing virtually any waveform.

Variable clock architecture
True variable clock architecture is used with clock speeds between 0.1Hz and 100MHz (40MHz on TGA124x units). This architecture avoids the clock jitter associated with DDS ar- bitrary generators and permits waveform link- ing, looping and sequencing. (See page five for more about variable clock architecture).

Waveforms may be defined with up to 4096 vertical points and from 8 to 1M horizontal points (4 to 64K points on TGA124x units).

Arbitrary waveforms may be replayed at a specified waveform frequency, period or sam- ple rate. An external sample clock can also be used on TGA1210x units.

On TGA124x units, up to 100 user-defined waveforms can be stored within the instru- ment’s non-volatile memory.

On TGA1210x units waveform storage is on removeable Compact Flash memory cards and is therefore effectively unlimited.

TTi TG300 Series 3MHz Function Generators

TG300 Series 3MHz Function Generators


The TG320 adds an external frequency counter with up to seven digits of resolution covering 5Hz to 120MHz. The TG330 has all the features of the TG320 plus an internal sweep generator with linear or log sweep, variable sweep rate and a sweep output socket. It also offers internal or external amplitude modulation.

Exceptional waveform quality
The TG300 series provides very high waveform quality under all conditions. That means low sinewave distortion, low aberation triangle waves and fast-edged square waves with low overshoot. Unlike many competitive products good waveform quality is maintained throughout the frequency range, and at low output levels. All models have bi-directional variable symmetry at constant frequency from 1:9 to 9:1.

Wide range level control
The main output has a maximum emf of 20V pk-pk from a 50 Ohm or 600 Ohm source. An amplitude vernier with a range of 40dB is combined with a -20dB switched attenuator to provide levels down to 20mV pk-pk. Variable DC offset of +/-10V is available via a centre detent control. An auxiliary output provides a fixed 0V to +5V level suitable for driving both TTL and CMOS loads.

Digital display for precision and convenience
All the TG300 series generators incorporate a large dual-section digital display.  Unlike competitive products the display provides a readout not just of frequency, but of amplitude or offset simultaneously. Auto-ranging reciprocal measurement gives 4-digit resolution with rapid update right down to Hz levels, below this an alternative technique is used to retain fast display update a sub-hertz frequencies. The output level display can be selected to show any of three values: volts pk-pk, volts rms, or dc offset.

Siglent SPD3303C Programmable Linear DC Power Supply

Siglent SPD3303C Programmable Linear DC Power Supply

Siglent SPD3303C Programmable Linear DC Power Supply

Voltage/ Current 30V/3A DC , Min. resolution: 10mV/10mA, LED display, programmable, 100V/120V/220V/230V compatible design, to meet the need of different power grids power supply.

The SPD3303C is a LED display screen programmable linear DC power supply that is both, lightweight, and is multi-functional. It has three independent outputs: two sets of adjustable voltage and a fixed set of selectable voltage s,2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V.  In addition, it has output short-circuit and overload protection. Total power is 195W. It possesses an independent, series / parallel output mode. The SPD3300C is a high performance-to-price price product that can be used in various types of production and research environments.

The SPD3303C exhibits high resolution, 1mV / 1mA, providing the user with excellent settability and read back accuracy. In addition, it maintains its ability to change output voltage or current in small increments while fully meeting the power requirements of the load.

Series Output
Parallel Output

Panel timing output functions             
Five output timing profiles are settable via the SDP3300’s front panel. Each profile is independent of the others and allows settable voltage and current values. The timer function allows for continuous output with profiles as long as 10,000 seconds / profile. In addition to easy front-panel control, the SPD3300 power supplies come with SIGLENT’s EASYPOWER PC software.

Save/ Recall interface             
The SPD3000C programmable linear DC power supply provides five groups of local storage system parameters and has support for external memory expansion. With this feature the local or external memory can be stored,recalled,or deleted, making it easy to return to your desired settings.


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