Jenway 62 Series Fluorimeters

62 Series Fluorimeters


Three models are available to cover a wide range of applications. The 6280 model is ideal for the most sensitive determinations with emission wavelengths up to 650nm. When higher emission wavelengths are required the 6285 with its red-enhanced detector is the unit of choice. For less sensitive applications and a broader wavelength range up to 1100nm the low cost 6270 unit is more suitable.

With press-to-read operation and Total Energy Transfer (TET) technology the output of the high-energy xenon lamp is maximised and its expected life extended so that it should never need replacing within the normal lifetime of the unit. The high quality optics are complemented by the Intelligent Filter Modules (IFM) that are identified by the unit, generating error messages should the wrong filters be fitted or their positions be incorrect.

Each fluorimeter model offers intuitive operation with a user interface based on logical menus that can be navigated from the simple keypad. Up to 20 methods can be created without restriction and saved for future use. They can also be locked against accidental change by password entry. The permanent time and date tag on every stored reading supports Good Laboratory Practice, while calibration reminders and operator identity can also be entered to support conformance and traceability of results.

Jenway Colorimeter Series

Colorimeter Series


The 6051 is a general purpose colorimeter, equipped with easy-to-use conventional style controls, making it ideal for routine and educational use.

Standard 10mm square cuvettes, semi-micro volume cuvettes, flow-through or pour in/suck out cells can all be used with the standard sample holder. Excellent sampling flexibility is achieved through the optional cell holder assemblies, allowing the use of 10, 20, and 40mm cells, whilst multiple sample handling is possible with the four cell carriage. For temperature-dependent measurements a heated cell block is available.

Jenway Bench Conductivity/TDS Meter

Bench Conductivity/TDS Meter


The 4510 is easy to use but with the flexibility to meet the broadest range of applications and for those where greater accuracy is required the 4510 has automatic conductivity standard recognition and endpoint detection. Set-up options include cell constant, temperature coefficient and reference temperature. The instrument can store up to 32 readings, which can also be sent to a printer or transferred to computer via DataWay and the RS232 interface.

Jenway Bench pH/mV Meter Series

Bench pH/mV Meter Series


The 3510 is a versatile, simple to use pH, mV and temperature meter that is ideal for routine analysis. With up to three decimal place resolution and a choice of up to three calibration points the 3510 provides the user with added flexibility where future demands for enhanced performance may be required. A choice of pH calibration buffers to DIN, JIS and NIST standards can be used for automatic calibration, as well as manually entered buffer values. The pH measurement meter also has the ability to store up to 32 results.

ATN X-Sight II HD Day & Night Rifle Scope

X-Sight II HD Day & Night Rifle Scope


The new ATN X-Sight II powered by Obsidian II Core, utilizing HD optics and the first ever HD micro-display turns this Day/Night rifle scope into a true powerhouse. Make your shots at ranges previously undo able with a digital or a night scope.

The first digital scope to break the true HD barrier! Gone are the grainy black and white images – the X-Sight II takes digital imaging to a whole new level. Crystal clear images and millions of colors will have you forgetting that you are looking through a digital scope. Immerse yourself in an advanced cockpit like experience. Take advantage of the suite of sensors and advanced processing power for an entirely new shooting experience like never before.

ATN TICO Series Thermal Clip on Weapon Scopes

TICO Series Thermal Clip on Weapon Scopes


ATN’s TICO thermal clip on weapon scopes are designed to provide convenience and accuracy in every shot, and in every situation. TICO scopes are all included with a picatinny rail mount, as well as a quick release button, which allows your scope to be attached and detached all at the press of a button, perfect for situations where the lighting may change rapidly, and a daytime scope becomes necessary. In addition, all TICO scopes are extensively tested and aligned getting rid of the need to re-zero your scope after every attachment and detachment. The TICO scope is remarkably light, coming in at less than 1.5 pounds, leaving your weapon just as balanced as before you attached it.

All TICOs are also available with a video out function, and ATN provides optional video out cables to connect your device to ports such as a USB, to use your device as a thermal vision camera. TICO devices all have built in multiple color modes, as well as multiple reticle colors, to ensure that even in a large variety of situations, your device can provide a thermal image with contrast and colors to your liking.

ATN TASC Series Thermal Security Camera

TASC Series Thermal Security Camera


The TASC Series thermal acquisition security camera is one of the most unique thermal security cameras ever made. Combining ATN’s world renowned optics and thermal sensors, with a powerful computer running state of the art analytical software, the TASC camera is able to identify and track objects and animals regardless of speed, in night or day, light or dark, or even with fog or smoke blocking the view.

With the TASC, there is nowhere to hide! Using it pan and tilt capability, the TASC is able to rotate 360 degrees, while being able to shift vertically a full 180 degrees. With built in magnification and autofocus, even running won’t save your target from detection.

TASC devices are able to accomplish a wide variety of analytical tasks. Some of these include dropped object detection, loitering detection, speed tracking, creating a “clean zone,” virtual trip wires, object tracking, and many more. For high end thermal security combined with elite analytical software, all easily available in configurations at affordable prices, trust your security to TASC.

ATN Shot Trak Series Gun Cameras

Shot Trak Series Gun Cameras


The Shot Trak series of gun cameras is one of the most versatile and specializes in existence. Unlike standard or normal action cameras, which also have the ability to be clipped on to a gun, the Shot Trak features exclusive abilities that allow to perform on an elite level specifically while attached to a gun. Unlike a standard action camera, such as a GoPro, which features a 1x magnification level, the Shot Trak is designed with a high magnification lens which allows you to see your target in crisp and clear detail, at ranges where a standard camera would just show a dot in the distance. With a 5x magnification level, the Shot Trak is able to see your target at any distance. In addition, the Shot Trak records in Full HD, has a built in microphone, and is able to mount to three sides of your weapon with its weaver mount, all in order to make this devices videos the best and easiest to film. The Shot Trak is built with recoil proof technology, ensuring that even on the highest caliber weapon, it will record perfect video every time.

ATN PVS14 Series Multi-purpose Night Vision Monoculars

PVS14 Series Multi-purpose Night Vision Monoculars


The PVS14/6015 night vision multipurpose monocular device is one of the most rugged, durable, easy to use, and easy to transport tactical monoculars. Created using military grade materials, according to a design made for the United States Military, this is one of the toughest night vision monoculars around. According to common sense, the tougher and stronger the device, the more it has to weigh right? Wrong! ATN’s PVS14/6015 monocular is one of the lightest night vision devices ever made, weighing in at less than 0.8 pounds, or 0.35 kilograms. Despite its miniscule weight, it still operates in some of the harshest environments on earth due to an automatic brightness control and automatic bright light shutoff, as well as designed to be completely waterproof. Automatic brightness control ensures that even in situations where the brightness of your environment is not steady, the PVS14/6015 automatically adjusts on the fly to provide a steady image, while the bright light shutoff powers off your device to protect the high quality photocathode tube inside in situations where cheap monoculars would just burn out. When you depend on lightness and strength in your tactical monocular, ATN’s PVS14/6015 is your best option.

ATN PS28 Series Night Vision Clip-On Systems

PS28 Series Night Vision Clip-On Systems


The PS28 Series is the simplest and easiest to use night vision scope ever designed. The PS28 is what is known as a “clip on scope”, or a “day/night system.” The main benefit of a clip on scope over a traditional night vision scope is the convenience of the clip on scope. The clip on scope easily clips on to your weapons rail, in front of your regular day time scope. This means that you neither have to re-zero your scope, nor do you have to remove your normal daytime scope in order to install this one, as this one just “clips on,” right in front of it.

Even though the PS28 is designed to be convenient and easy for any user, it provides the quality night vision experience one would expect from only the highest end professional devices. One of ATN’s toughest devices, it is intended to survive even the harshest and most severe weather conditions. It also comes with a quick release mount for when the situation changes rapidly, and your device needs to adapt. The PS28 is one of ATN’s most versatile and easiest to use scopes, and its only night vision clip on scope.