AEMC 2154.05 DMM Model MTX 3292-BT (ASYC IV, TRMS, 100,000-cts, Bluetooth, USB, Color Graphical Display)

AEMC 2154.05 DMM Model MTX 3292-BT

(ASYC IV, TRMS, 100,000-cts, Bluetooth, USB, Color Graphical Display)

The Model 3292-BT is a portable multimeter with graphical color display allowing direct measurement of the main electrical quantities and shows the trends instantaneously. It’s innovative design makes them compact, rugged, comfortable to grip and leakproof to IP67 standard. These dynamic loggers can record many different quantities. Advanced measurement functions includes Duty Cycle, Pulse Counting, Math function and monitoring of Min/Max/Avg/Peaks enables you to observe many various aspects of electrical quantities.


Deal for both portable and benchtop use, the ASYC IV multimeters are simple and intuitive to use. Accessible directly, the different measurements are indicated explicitly by pictograms on the electronic switch. The display can be used to view the measurement results either as numeric values or as graphs showing the trend over time. Recorded measurements can be displayed as a trace, with the possibility of positioning cursors and zooming on part of the recorded curve.

Help in French and English is integrated into the instrument and provides information about the measurements in progress. USB communication is provided for transferring data to a PC, for recording and for programming with the LV/LW drivers. The instrument’s firmware can be upgraded by connecting to a PC and then accessing the website.

  • The ASYC IV models can be powered by normal batteries, rechargeable batteries or the mains supply.
  • The battery-powered ASYC IV models offer a battery life of up to 400 hrs for easier use in the field.
  • To optimize the ASYC IV’s consumption, the standby mode can be activated and the internal accelerometer allows you to wake up the instrument simply by touching its keyboard.



A magnetic suspension system is available as an option for simple installation and viewing while freeing your hands for other tasks.
Magnetized soft case suitable for the Multifix system.



The ASYC IV multimeters are ideal for many applications in industry, telecommunications and defence. Their multiple functions make them easy to use for electrical and electronics maintenance, as well as machine maintenance. In electronics, the ASYC IV models can be used both for wiring tests on computer or medical equipment and for component testing.

In industry, they can be used for the applications encountered in departments dealing with automatic control systems and processes in a wide variety of sectors: food, plastics, concrete, metal, paper, wood, oil, nuclear, etc. The ASYC IV models are also useful for the maintenance of many industrial machines: numerical control, motors, generators, etc. Their versatility makes them ideal for the needs of expert electrical installers and professionals in the transport and energy sectors.

For metrology…


… or After-Sales Service


Measurements on electrical cabinets


The TRMS measurements of AC voltages and currents are also accurate on non-linear signals.



The ASYC IV models are equipped with a universal communication mode based on the SCPI standard, via USB or Bluetooth. The SX-DMM software provides a simple and effective way of viewing, processing and analysing the data, while also allowing real-time processing of the data on a PC, upgrading of the instrument and even calibration with new functions: automatic clock adjustment.

It is also possible to display the available storage capacity.


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AEMC 2154.05
DMM Model MTX 3292-BT (ASYC IV, TRMS, 100,000-cts, Bluetooth, USB, Color Graphical Display)
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