Agilent Keysight Digital Multimeters

Agilent Keysight Digital Multimeters

Agilent Keysight 34460A, 34461A, 34465A (6½ digit), 34470A (7½ digit) Digital Multimeters

Keysight’s NEW Truevolt Digital Multimeters (DMMs) offer a full range of measurement capabilities and price points with higher levels of accuracy, speed, and resolution.

Get more insight quickly
Truevolt DMM’s graphical capabilities such as trend and histo- gram charts offer more insights quickly. Both models also provide a data logging mode for easier trend analysis and a digitizing mode for capturing transients.

Measure low-power devices
The ability to measure very low current, 1 µA range with pA resolution, allows you to make measurements on very low power devices.

Maintain calibrated measurements
Auto calibration allows you to compensate for temperature drift so you can maintain measurement accuracy throughout your workday.

Measure your signals with confidence and overcome your digital multimeter test challenges.


Measure with Unquestioned Truevolt Confidence

Worry about the quality of your design, not the  quality of your measurements

In a rack or on a bench real-world signals are never flat. They have some level of AC signal riding on top from power line noise, other environmental noise, or injected current from the meter itself. How well your meter deals with these extraneous factors and eliminates them from the true measurement makes a big dif- ference to your accuracy. Behind the scenes, Keysight’s Truevolt technology accounts for measurement errors created by these real-world factors so you can be confident in your measurements and it is only available on Keysight DMMs.

Truevolt technology starts with an analog-to-digital converter that enables a patented metrology-grade architecture. Using this architecture, Keysight delivers a good balance of measurement resolution, linearity, accuracy, and speed at a value price, all de- rived and guaranteed per ISO/IEC 17025 industry standards.


BenchVue Software

Data capture simplied. Click. Capture. Done.
BenchVue software for the PC makes it simple to connect, control, capture and view Keysight’s DMMs simultaneously with other Keysight bench instruments with no additional programming.

– Visualize multiple measurements simultaneously
– Easily log data, screen shots and system state
– Rapidly prototype custom test sequences
– Recall past state of your bench to replicate results
– Export measurement data in desired format fast
– Quickly access manuals, drivers, FAQs and videos
– Monitor and control bench from mobile devices

The Digital Multimeter App within BenchVue enables control of digital multimeters to visualize measurements, perform data logging 1 and annotate captured data (included in model BV0000A). Upgrading to the Pro version (model #BV0001A) provides histograms, digitizer capability and unrestricted data logging with limit checking and alerts.

Benefit from a new perspective by visualizing multiple DMM’s at the same time

  • Display single measurements, charts, tables, or histograms from a single instrument or multiple DMMs simultaneously to correlate trends you might otherwise miss.

Record measurements and export results in a few clicks

  • Log and export data quickly to popular tools such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and MATLAB for documentation or further analysis.

Access and control tests on your DMM remotely

  • With the companion BenchVue Mobile app, monitor and respond to long-running tests from anywhere.

Measure with Unquestioned Truevolt Confidence

What Truevolt technology means to you:
You can measure your real-world signals, not instrument error
Noise and injected current: Keysight Truevolt DMMs contribute less than 30% of the injected current than alternatives. Compared to some lower cost alternatives, Truevolt DMMs offer almost 100% less noise.
Input bias current: Ideally, no current flows into the measurement terminals of your DMM. In real measurement situations, there are always input currents creating additional measurement errors. Truevolt DMMs take care of input bias current. Some alternative DMMs offer 20% to infinitely poorer performance (some are too noisy to measure).
Digital AC rms measurements: For meters in this class, only Keysight uses digital direct sampling techniques to make AC rms measurements. This results in a true rms calculation technique that avoids the slower response of analog RMS converters used in all other vendor’s 6½ digit DMMs. This allows for crest factors up to 10 without additional error terms. This is a unique, patented technique – only used by Keysight.

You can measure your real-world signals with confidence

All Truevolt DMM specifications are tested and guaranteed for compliance with ISO/ IEC 17025 standards so you can prove the effectiveness of your lab or production line’s quality management system. Many lower-cost DMMs in this class do not carry a guarantee of their measurement specifications.

You can take advantage of expanded measurement functionality

Compared to the 34401A DMM, Truevolt DMMs offer expanded current ranges from 100 µA to 10 A. We have also added a temperature measurement function (RTD/PT100, 5 kΩ thermistor). Additionally, diode measurement capability has been expanded to allow a larger full-scale voltage to be measured (5 V) to enable the measurement of more diode types such as LEDs.

Agilent Keysight 34460A, 34461A, 34465A (6½ digit), 34470A (7½ digit) Digital Multimeters
Agilent 34460A
6½ Digit, Basic Truevolt DMM Digital Multimeter
Agilent 34461A
6½ Digit, 34401A Replacement, Truevolt DMM Digital Multimeter
Agilent 34465A
6½ Digit, Performance Truevolt DMM Digital Multimeter
Agilent 34470A
7½ Digit, Performance Truevolt DMM Digital Multimeter

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