Agilent MSOX3000 Series Oscilloscopes

Agilent MSOX3000 Series Oscilloscopes

The MSOX3000-Series is the industry’s first 4-in-1 product with a full-featured scope, logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, and a function generator all integrated into one design with a large, 8.5-inch display. The 4-channel InfiniiVision Oscilloscope model has, 4 analog 16 digital-channels, up to 500 MHz BW , with 1,000,000 waveforms/ sec. 2 GSa/s per channel, 4 GSa/s half-channel interleaved mode.

Aside from having various functions expected in mid-range oscilloscopes, the company’s 3000 X series can also be used as a signal source. It is designed with a built-in function generator that produces square, sine, ramp and pulse signals as frequencies up to 10 MHz square and pulse, 100-kHz ramp and 20 MHz (sine wave). The function generator is offered as an upgrade or as an option.

2-4 Analog channels
16 Digital timing channels with the MSO
Sample rate of 2GS/s per channel, 4GS/s half channel interleave mode
Memory depth of 2Mpts standard,4Mpts optional
Waveform update rate up to 1000000 waveforms per second
Built in WaveGen up to 20MHz


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