ATN ARES Series Nght Vision Scope

ARES Series Nght Vision Scope


The ARES series night vision scope is ATN’s flagship night vision scope, and is one of the most precise and top performing night vision scopes in the whole field. The ARES scope remains one of the most adjustable scopes on the market, all while being incredibly easy to use due to simple and ergonomic controls. ARES utilizes one knob operation, which, despite its seeming simplicity, is capable of amazingly precise elevation and windage configuration. Another area where this scope differs from the pack of other scopes is in its versatility. All ARES series devices, regardless of what generation of image intensifier tube you select, come included with a high strength detached infrared illuminator which allows the scope to perform highly even in environments with little to no ambient light. Plus, it features an automatic lighting control system, which means even if you’re in a situation with an unstable light source, your device will produce a stable image. The ARES series night vision scope is one of the highest quality night vision scopes on the market.

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