ATN Night Arrow Series Night Vision Scope

Night Arrow Series Night Vision Scope


ATN’s Night Arrow Series night vision scope is a lightweight, budget friendly, and simple to use high quality night vision scope. Designed to be ATN’s premier hunting night vision scope, this scope makes finding your target in the night as easy as can be. ATN uses a red on green reticle system in order to easily see your target, and where your next shot will hit. In addition, the Night Arrow features a detachable long distance infrared illuminator. Which could ensure that even at long distances in low ambient light, your device is able to accurately and brightly see your target. The night arrow also features automatic brightness control which ensures that even in unstable lighting, your device delivers a clear and stable image. That, combined with a precision one knob adjustment mechanism results in creating one of the most accurate night vision rifle scopes on the market. For an affordable, high quality, and lightweight night vision scope, look no further than the Night Arrow.

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