BK 891 300 kHz Benchtop LCR Meter

891 300 kHz Benchtop LCR Meter


The 891 is a compact, precise, and versatile LCR meter capable of measuring inductors, capacitors, and resistors at DC or from 20 Hz to 300 kHz. The instrument’s 2U half-rack form factor is suitable for the bench or rack mount installation. A large color display with all important parameters and measurements visible on one screen makes this meter easy to operate.

The instrument’s convenient bin sorting function enables quick sorting of components in different bins defined by the user. A linear and logarithmic sweep function is also provided to characterize components over any range of frequencies from 20 Hz to 300 kHz.

Standard USB, GPIB, and LAN interfaces enhance your productivity by providing remote control capabilities to perform daily operations in production, quality control, and laboratory environments.

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