Chroma 19020 Series Multi-channel Hipot Tester

19020 Series Multi-channel Hipot Tester


Chroma 19020 also has powerful functions in Flashover detection and Open/Short Check. It contains several international patents and is the best tool for electrical regulatory Hipot test as not only reliable quality can be obtained, but highly efficient test platform can also be created.

World’s First Sync Hipot Test
(Patent Registered)
Chroma 19020 has equipped with the world’s first sync Hipot test function that one single unit can perform 10 channels sync output and measurements simultaneously. Maximum 10 units (master & slave) can be controlled to have 100 channels in total. They can be grouped for output to avoid creating voltage difference due to adjacent tests as well as to improve the productivity.

Chroma 19020 can be applied to various electrical products for time consuming tests such as quality assurance sampling test and production line test.

  • Power cord
  • Capacitor
  • Resistance
  • Switch
  • Connector
  • Transformer
  • Charger
  • Adapter

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