Dweyer TIC Series Thermal Imaging Camera

TIC Series Thermal Imaging Camera



The Series TIC Thermal Imaging Camera allows users to see heat contrasts to prevent plant equipment failures, detect air leaks in buildings, and many more applications. Infrared radiation is given off by objects according to how warm they are, and the camera translates the measured levels into visual light on the bright 2.5″ 160 x 120 resolution LCD. For increased differentiation among temperatures, the camera can automatically adjust the color band for a narrower range of temperatures throughout the –4 to 482°F ( -20 to 250°C) temperature range of the camera. Besides taking spot measurements, the camera can also be set for isothermal, area, or profile analysis. All cameras include a Li-Ion battery, battery charger, docking station, SD memory card, SD memory card reader, sun shield, lens cap, video cable, standard reporting software, and a calibration report. A Bluetooth® earphone and USB cable are also included in TIC-30 units for making voice annotations and real time recording.

Up to 9 movable temperature spots can be selected to get specific temperature measurements of objects on the display. On the TIC-20 and TIC-30, there are flash, visual light camera, and a laser pointer to help identify the objects in the picture better. The visual image can be blended with the thermal image for better illustration of where the hot or cold spots are in the image.

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