Extech 42270 Temperature/Humidity Datalogger

Extech 42270 Temperature/Humidity Datalogger

Extech 42270 Temperature/Humidity Datalogger.

A fantastic thermometer that works in extreme conditions. Plus, it tests humidity at the same time!

Capable of working at a rather frigid -40 and all the way up to a nice and toasty 185°F, the Extech 42270 allows you to accurately record temperatures and humidity in environments that may not be fit for humans to work in.

Works with a strictly hands-off system; simply program the device to measure temperature/humidity exactly when you want it to, then the device will do the rest. You can use it absolutely anywhere it’ll clip to including storage containers, shipping vans and places such as supermarket freezers where keeping everything at optimal temperatures is extremely important.

Once installed, the device will record readings based on temperature and humidity at the time(s) you specified. Whether you want it to test the environment every thirty minutes or just once a day, the Extech 42270’s long battery life will ensure that you get accurate results for approximately a year without battery replacements.  If your temperature parameters drop below a certain level or rise too high, the Extech 42270 will let you know about it using its alarm indication.

If you want to work with the data contained within the device for further analysis, the Extech 42270 Temperature/Humidity Datalogger is compatible with the 42275 docking station, allowing you to take the data stored within the device and work with it on a PC.

Extech Temperature/Humidity Datalogger
Extech 42270
Temperature/Humidity Datalogger
Extech 42270-NIST
Temperature/Humidity Datalogger with NIST

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