Extech MA61 True RMS 60A AC Clamp Meter + NCV

MA61 True RMS 60A AC Clamp Meter + NCV


Choice of AC Current or AC/DC Current model, both with high ±2% accuracy. Manual ranging clamp meters with three Current ranges. The 6000mA range allows for low current measurements that may be used in the automotive industry. Unique VFC (variable frequency control) mode helps troubleshoot and diagnose HVAC applications that are variable frequency driven.

The MA61 measures AC Current while the MA63 measures AC and DC Current. Both meters also measure  AC/DC Voltage, Frequency, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode, and Continuity.

The Mini Clamp Meters measure current in three AC ranges 600mA, 6000mA, and 60A. The  MA63 only measures DC current in two ranges 6000mADC and 60ADC.

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