FLIR CM72/CM74 Commercial Clamp Meters

The FLIR CM72 600A AC Clamp Meter and the CM74 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter give you better access to wiring in hard-to-reach places, and provide all the measurement capabilities you need for advanced troubleshooting.

Made with a narrow jaw and high-powered LED worklights, the CM72 and CM74 make it easier to take measurements in dark, crowded panels and cabinets. Their slim, light design is convenient to carry in your back pocket wherever you go. With advanced electrical features including Autoranging, True RMS Voltage and Current, LoZ, Inrush (CM74 only), VFD Mode (CM74 only), and an input for a flexible current probe accessory, the CM72 and CM74 have all the measurement functions you need to stay competitive and ensure accurate readings.

Flir Commercial Clamp Meters
CM74 CM74

FLIR Commercial 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter
CM72 CM72

FLIR Commercial 600A AC Clamp Meter

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