FLIR LS Series Thermal Handheld Camera.

LS Series Thermal Handheld Camera


FLIR LS Series handheld thermal night vision monoculars are built specifically for those who serve and protect. This powerful yet simple imager gives Law Enforcement an unfair advantage whether searching for evidence or pursuing a suspect, all in the palm of your hand.

SUPERIOR SUPERIOR VISIONHigh resolution thermal vision with e-zoom and InstAlert

  • High resolution display with ergonomic eyepiece
  • Sharp thermal imaging with InsAlert hot object notifications
  • Up to 5X magnification
  • Analog video output
SIMPLE SIMPLE OPERATIONStarts in seconds, intuitive controls, designed for single-hand use

  • Multiple InstAlert levels call attention to hot objects
  • Single hand design
  • Red Laser pointer
PORTABLE PORTABLE AND RUGGEDHandheld, fits in most pockets, rugged design

  • Fits in packs, pockets or included Molle bag
  • Less than a $6000 price point makes it affordable
  • Functions after dropped on hard surface or in shallow water

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