Fluke 712/GOV RTD Calibrator

Fluke 712/GOV RTD Calibrator

The Fluke 712/GOV RTD Temperature Calibrator delivers outstanding performance, durability and reliability. The 712 calibrator is a compact, lightweight, and easy to carry tool. With a push button interface similar to the multifunction Fluke 740 Series Documenting Process Calibrators, the 712 is easy to use. It is EMI tolerant, dust and splash resistant, and features a removable battery door for quick battery changes.

Fluke Model 712 RTD Calibrator is a handheld tool for calibrating RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) transmitters, including most pulsed transmitters. It simulates and measures seven different types of RTDs, in units of °C or °F. It also simulates and measures resistance in units of ohms. It does not source and measure simultaneously.

Your calibrator is supplied with a Flex-StandTM holster, an installed 9 V alkaline battery, two sets of test leads, and this instruction sheet.

If the calibrator is damaged or something is missing, contact the place of purchase immediately. Contact your Fluke distributor for information about accessories. To order replacement parts or spares, see “Replacement Parts.”

The next table lists the RTD types supported by the calibrator, with their ranges, resolution, and the allowable excitation current from an RTD measurement device under test. All RTD types use ITS-90 curves. Full calibrator specifications are listed at the end of this instruction sheet.

Temperature Calibrators

The Fluke 712 temperature calibrators deliver outstanding performance, durability and reliability. These calibrators are compact, lightweight and easy to carry and with a push-button interface and are easy to use. Each calibrator is EMI tolerant, dust- and splashresistant and features a removable battery door for quick battery changes.

Auto-step and auto-ramp features support remote testing.

Getting Acquainted with the Calibrator

Press the green O pushbutton to turn the calibrator on and off. Press the INPUT/OUTPUT pushbutton to select either INPUT (measuring) or OUTPUT (simulating).

Display Elements
Element Meaning
1 INPUT Lit when measuring an RTD or resistance
2 OUTPUT Lit when simulating an RTD or resistance
3 IEX HI When simulating an RTD or ohms, the excitation current from the measuring device under test is too high. The calibrator output is unspecified.
4 °C, °F, Ω When an RTD type is selected, one of these is lit to show the selected scale.


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