Fluke 724/GOV Temperature Calibrator

 Fluke 724/GOV Temperature Calibrator

Your Fluke 724/GOV Temperature Calibrator is a handheld, battery-operated instrument that measures and sources a variety of thermocouples and RTDs.

The calibrator has the following features and functions:

  • A split-screen display. The upper display allows you to measure volts and current. The lower display allows you to measure and source volts, resistance temperature detectors, thermocouples, and ohms.
  • A thermocouple (TC) input/output terminal and internal isothermal block with automatic reference- junction temperature compensation.
  • Storage and recall of 8 setups.
  • Manual stepping and automatic stepping and ramping.

Temperature Calibrators

The Fluke 724/GOV temperature calibrators deliver outstanding performance, durability and reliability. These calibrators are compact, lightweight and easy to carry and with a push-button interface and are easy to use. Each calibrator is EMI tolerant, dust- and splashresistant and features a removable battery door for quick battery changes.

Auto-step and auto-ramp features support remote testing.

Simulating a Thermocouple


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