Fluke Ti95 9HZ General Use Thermal Imager

Ti95 9HZ General Use Thermal Imager


Fluke Ti95 9HZ General Use Thermal Imager

A Fluke infrared camera can save you time and money by finding potential problems before they become costly failures. Industrial professionals bring Fluke infrared cameras to the job because they do the job. Over 65 years of industrial experience give Fluke infrared tools the level of performance needed to keep you up and running. With the innovative features and functionality in the Fluke Ti125, Ti110, Ti105, Ti100, Ti95 and Ti90 infrared cameras, you can perform infrared inspections faster and more efficiently.

BETTER detail, BIGGEST display, BEST VALUE in their class!

Images were captured under the same conditions and from the same distance of 1.2 m (4 ft) by a professional thermographer and exported in a JPEG format. Except for the captions in the lower, left-hand corner of each image, images are displayed as saved by each infrared camera.

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