Grapthec Compact Data Logger PetitLOGGER GL100 Series

Compact Data Logger PetitLOGGER GL100 Series



PetitLOGGER GL100 SeriesĀ GL100-N and GL100-WL It is modular type that is able to support variety measurement by exchanging the input module. Multiple sensors and the input terminal are available for corresponding to the application.

  • Easy measurement by multifunction input
  • Available the software for PC & Smart devices
  • Possible to check the data in multiple method
  • Reliable measurement with useful functions
  • Typical applications
  • Sales network

Flexible input module allows wide range of measurements

The GL100 series announces support for additional sensors in volatile wireless and non-wireless environments with ability to exchange input module.

Main-body Input-modules
Main body Input modules

(with WLAN)


(without WLAN)

Measuring the Temperature, Humidity,

Acceleration, Carbon dioxide (CO2),

Illuminance, UV, AC current, Voltage

GL100 are using the Wireless LAN (WLAN) of the IEEEE802

standards. Area that can use it is limited by the Wireless

Telegraphy Act in the region.

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