Hioki PD3129 Phase and Rotation Meter

Hioki PD3129 Phase and Rotation Meter

Non-Metal Contact Phase Detector

To resolve these issues, the new Model PD3129 clips over the outside of conductors? insulation, enabling safe and easy phase detection at any point along the conductors. Four LEDs light in sequence to clearly indicate phase relationships even in dark environments, and positive or reverse phases can be indicated both visually and by an audible beeper.

The clips attach to conductors of up to 17 mm diameter at voltages between 100 and 600 V. To avoid battery depletion worries in the event that the operator neglects to turn the detector off, an auto-power-off feature turns it off about 15 minutes after turn-on. Continuous operating time on two common AA batteries is as long as 70 hours.

Large Clip Non-Metal Contact Phase Detector

Phase detection by clipping onto live wires has always presented hazards to the field technician, often requiring other personnel to be on standby in case the traditional metal clips come into contact with exposed wires or conductors. The HIOKI Phase Detector PD3129-10 helps alleviate the extra costs and cuts labor hours by providing a safe way to detect phase sequence on distribution panels and motors by incorporating fully enclosed ABS-molded clips with absolutely no metal exposure. In the instrument, an electronic induction voltage sensor is employed to enable accurate phase detection of insulated conductors. This innovative technology has enabled HIOKI to provide CATIV600V/CATIII 1000V safety characteristics often required by large power utilities and similar potentially hazardous working environments.


Design Concept

The Hioki PD3129-10 is designed to safely detect the phase sequence in three-phase circuits for electrical installation and maintenance. Conventional metallic-contact phase detectors are constructed with a voltage cable with standard metallic clips, requiring the technician to clamp onto exposed metallic parts of the conductor and introducing the potential danger of electric shock accidents and short-circuit accidents caused by accidental contact between two metal points. Needless to say, ensuring safety in electrical work has been an increasingly important issue. A long-standing proponent of safety at the workplace, HIOKI released the 3129 Non-Metallic Contact Phase Detector in 2004 and achieved the goal of ensuring a safe working environment for our users. To enable more electricians to take advantage of our advanced technology, we have increased the range of vinyl-insulated wires that can be clipped with the non-metallic voltage clips to up to 500 mm2 in size, and extended the operating voltage range to 1000V AC. With the all-new Phase Detector PD3129-10, safe phase sequence testing can now be conducted in even more environments where the previous non-metallic-contact phase detectors could never be safely applied.

Hioki Phase and Rotation Meters
Hioki PD3129
Non-Metal Contact Phase Detector
Hioki PD3129-10
Non-Metal Contact Phase Detector (Large Jaw)

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