Hioki PW3335 Single-Phase AC/DC Power Meter Series

Hioki PW3335 Single-Phase AC/DC Power Meter Series


The PW3335 Power Meter is ideal for use in the development and production of solar panels and AC adapters, secondary-side DC equipment and inverters, and power converters such as thyristors. Equipped with multiple functions for computing a wide variety of items, the PW-3335 Power Meter can also be used alone for detailed analysis.

The PW3335 is engineered to comply with important international standards, including IEC62301 for electrical power consumption in standby mode and the ErP Directive or Energy Star standard. It can also be used to find the special parameters required by the standards – such as THD, CF, and MCR. The PW3335 Power Meter delivers a range configuration that lets you measure extremely low power levels with a margin to spare. Accuracy can be set from 10 μA and up for current, and 0 W and up for effective power.

All measurement data are internally processed in parallel simultaneously. Even when waveforms have mixed AC/DC components – half-wave rectification waveforms for example – the individual components can be measured simultaneously. The PC communication application further enables 180 or more measurement parameters to be acquired simultaneously. This model comes with a RS-232C connection terminal in the back of the power meter.

Power Meter PW3335 Features

AC and DC power measurement capability and IEC 62301-compliant standby power measurement capability

Whereas the legacy 3332 was limited to AC power measurement, the PW3335 can measure both AC and DC components. Consequently, it can also be used to measure the power consumption of battery-driven devices and devices powered by a DC power supply such as an AC adapter. In addition, the instrument can measure the standby power of devices powered by AC adapters, a capability that is in increasing demand today. The PW3335 complies with IEC 62301, an international standard governing standby power measurement.

High-precision, DC/low-frequency power measurement capability

Power meters, which are used to assess energy-saving performance, are generally required to operate at a high degree of precision. Whereas the 3332 offered basic precision of 0.2%, the PW3335 delivers basic precision of 0.15% – an improvement of 0.05%.

Further, while the 3332 offered a measurement frequency band of 1 Hz to 100 kHz, the PW3335 delivers a much wider measurement frequency band of DC and 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz, adding DC and low-frequency measurement to the capabilities inherited from the legacy product.

Broad selection of current measurement ranges to allow measurement of systems ranging from minuscule currents to high currents

The PW3335 ships with a broad range of current measurement ranges to provide coverage from 1 mA to 20 A and a current input range from 10 uA to 30 A for direct input and up to 5,000 A (AC) when using a current sensor.

Standby power measurement requires the ability to measure more minuscule currents, and only Hioki products provide current measurement ranges of 1 mA and 2 mA for this parameter.

Auto-range integration function: A proprietary Hioki function for ascertaining integrated power for individual ranges

Printers used in offices are a standard example of an industrial device whose standby power and power consumption are measured by manufacturers. Printers are designed so that they can resume operation from sleep mode quickly when called upon to print a document. When a printer does so, the measured current fluctuates to a significant degree. The PW3335’s auto-range function allows the instrument to automatically switch among appropriate measurement ranges to accommodate such fluctuations, and as a result users can ascertain integrated values for power consumption over a series of device operations.

Thanks to another function that is not available on competitors’ products, the instrument lets users ascertain an integrated power value for each range used in auto-range operation. As a result, integrated power values for the printer in sleep mode as well as at the resumption of operation and when printing can be acquired using the optimal measurement range for each.

Built-in harmonic analysis

The PW3335 ships standard with a harmonic analysis function. Harmonics are high-frequency components other than the commercial frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz). These components cause distortion in voltage and current and can lead to device malfunctions as a result. Consequently, there is an extremely high level of need for harmonic analysis functionality in the development of electronic devices and other equipment.

GP-IB, LAN, and other interfaces

The PW3335 ships standard with a LAN interface and is available with GP-IB and RS-232C interfaces. Models with D/A output and external sensor input are also available, enabling users to choose the variant that best matches their needs.

Single-Phase AC/DC Power Meter
Hioki PW3335Power Meter with RS-232C
Hioki PW3335-01Power Meter With GP-IB
Hioki PW3335-02Power Meter With RS-232C,D/A
Hioki PW3335-03Power Meter With RS-232C, Current Sensor Input
Hioki PW3335-04Power Meter With RS-232C,GP-IB,D/A, Current Sensor Input



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