Hioki ST5520 Insulation Testers

ST5520 Insulation Testers


The Hioki electrical safety test instrument series is designed for insulation resistance and voltage withstand testing of electrical devices and components according to various safety standards. The ST5520 and ST5520-01 are the fastest insulation testers in the industry, delivering pass/fail assessment in as fast as 50 ms. 25 to 1000 V test voltage with 1 V resolution.

  • Industry-beating test time

Rapidly assess in as fast as 50 ms
Testing is complete in as little as 50 ms — the fastest time in the industry. This is 700 ms faster than legacy Hioki models.

  • Discharge time varies according to the sample’s capacitance
  • The pictured waveform reflects use of a test time of  45 ms
  • The waveform shows the test result for a 9 MΩ, 10 pF sample

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