HT Instruments GSC60 Professional Safety Tester and Network Analyzer

GSC60 Professional Safety Tester and Network Analyzer


The GSC60 instrument is equipped with a TFT color LCD display, with capacitive “touch-screen” that can be handled simply with the touch of a finger by the user and is structured with an icon-based menu allowing the direct selection of measurement functions for quick and intuitive use.

Earth Resistance

  • Earth resistance with 2- or 3-pole volt-ampere method in TT, TN and IT systems
  • Soil resistivity with 4-pole Wenner method.
  • Stackless earth ground resistance measurement with T2100
  • Non-trip earth loop impedance measurement

Power Quality and energy analysis

  • 9 types of electrical systems available
  • 632 parameters can be recorded for over two months. Real-time display of all waveforms, harmonics, vector diagrams as well as summary function on phases for a quick reading of the most important parameters.
  • Detection of voltage anomalies with a resolution of 20ms
  • Measures and record the electrical absorption of all the equipment connected to the main power supply

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