Iris IRIS316-H PTZ-VGA Thermal Imaging

IRIS316-H PTZ-VGA Thermal Imaging


The IRIS316 range of cameras offer industry leading video resolution and a highly advanced feature set in the smallest Pan Tilt housing unit available, measuring only 13cm in diameter by 16cm high.

Fitted with a fixed 25mm lens, digital image stabilisation and boasting the highest zoom ratio available for a marine thermal camera of it’s class, the new VGA range deliver a massive detection range of 2370m with a recognition range of nearly 800 meters.

The IRIS316 VGA Range Delivers Extremely Sharp Thermal Video Imaging in Absolute Darkness.

Available in Low (7.5Hz NTSC / 9Hz PAL) or High (30Hz NTSC / 25Hz PAL) refresh rates.

Part Numbers: IRIS316L where ‘L’ denotes low refresh rate (7.5Hz NTSC, 8.3Hz PAL) and ‘H’ denotes high refresh rate (25Hz PAL, 30Hz NTSC).

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