Iris IRIS403 3MP IP CAM HI-DEF Minidome

IRIS403 3MP IP CAM HI-DEF Minidome


The NEW IRIS403 IP Mini-Dome from Iris boasts all the features or a top end network camera in a tiny, compact impact resistant dome housing, designed specifically to blend into on board installations.

As leading manufacturers of multi-functional displays embrace IP network architecture, Iris’s new range of IP cameras are designed to fulfill every aspect of on board surveillance and situational awareness. Multi-Protocol support means the cameras are incredibly versatile and an easy addition to your boats network.

The IRIS403 measures just 60mm high x 100mm (4″) in diameter. It’s sleek curves and rugged design makes it a perfect choice for any aspect of on board CCTV. From an Engine Room camera to a security aid, the IRIS403 delivers crisp, high definition images using impressive codec algorithms to reduce update latency and improve resolution.

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