Iris IRIS516 Fully Featured Multi-Model Joystick Controller

IRIS516 Fully Featured Multi-Model Joystick Controller


The IRIS516 Marine PTZ Controller is a unique, compact PTZ camera controller designed specifically for use externally or in harsh environmental situations.

With Pelco-D Protocol Support and full support of all Iris Innovations PTZ and Thermal PTZ cameras, the 516 is an extremely versatile and feature packed controller, supporting up to 255 camera addresses and the ability to work with multiple additional controllers on the same RS485 serial data network.

Pan and Tilt control of your on board cameras is acheived via an ultra miniature thumb-stick style joystick, with control of zoom and all other extended features using the 8 dynamic functions keys. Navigation of extended features is acheived by using the feature keys to select menu options presented on a backlit 20×4 character LCD display.

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