Jenway 63 Series Visible Spectrophotometer

63 Series Visible Spectrophotometer


The 63 series range includes models 6300 and 6320D which cover the visible region of the spectrum and model 6305 which uses a pulsed xenon lamp to extend the wavelength range into the UV region of the spectrum. All three models have measurement modes for absorbance, % transmittance and concentration. This makes them ideal for basic photometrics applications in schools and colleges, as well as in quality control laboratories.

Versatile and Flexible Accessories
The 63 series has been specifically designed to enable a wide range of accessories to be easily fitted and used. To accommodate various sample volumes there are a wide range of passive accessories available including an adjustable cuvette holder which can hold cuvettes between 10 and 100mm; a test tube holder for test tubes with diameters between 16 and 24mm; and for small sample volumes there is a micro-cuvette holder with a reduced aperture. For multiple samples Jenway offer a four position rotary cuvette holder.


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