Jenway 73 Series Visible Spectrophotometer

73 Series Visible Spectrophotometer


The four new spectrophotometers in the 73 series range include models 7300 and 7310 which cover the visible region of the spectrum; the 7305 and 7315 models use a flash xenon lamp to extend the wavelength range into the UV region of the spectrum.

The basic models, 7300 and 7305, feature measurement modes for % transmittance, absorbance and concentration. The advanced models, 7310 and 7315, introduce additional measurement modes such as scanning, kinetics and quantitation.

Key features

  • 5nm spectral bandwidth
  • Absorbance range -0.3 to 2.5 Abs
  • Icon driven software
  • Results and method saving to USB memory stick (models 7310/7315 only)
  • Autologging capabilities
  • Free bi-directional PC software
  • 3 year warranty including xenon lamp
  • Extensive range of accessories

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