LabNation SMARTSCOPE 45MHz PC Based Oscilloscopes

LabNation SMARTSCOPE 45MHz PC Based Oscilloscopes


The SmartScope combines 3 high-end instruments into 1 mobile, smart device. Accessible previously only to high-tech labs, the SmartScope allows everyone to own a personal lab!

Starring a dual-channel 100MS/s oscilloscope, the SmartScope is the world’s first lab instrument which works on both PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. This is a must-have for any maker, and for anybody involved in hardware development!

Key Product Highlights:

  • 2x100MS/s 45MHz Oscilloscope
  • 50MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Digital logic analyzer at 100MS/s
  • Digital waveform generator at 100MS/s
  • 200 waveforms/second data updates

Open source

By giving full access to the framework of the SmartScope, a whole new dimension of possibilities is opening up. In its most basic form, this open framework allows you to hook up your creation to the extension ports of the SmartScope and control it from your PC or smartphone.

When you’re taking on more advanced projects, you’ll appreciate the full access you have to the powerful FPGA. The framework is based on FPGA registers which you can control from the PC or tablet, giving you full control over your FPGA from the first moment you’re starting. Even more, since you can flash the FPGA through the USB controller, you don’t need to invest in expensive programmers!

Even more advanced projects can make use of the full-speed bi-directional data transfer capabilities, transferring data to or from your device.

Initially, all source files of the full framework will be presented as a git repository, together with additional repositories focusing on extremely simple samples, showing how to start developing for each of the components of the SmartScope. This will hopefully create community branches, which will be added to our community site.

Why do you need a SmartScope?

An oscilloscope is the basic measurement device for anyone involved in hardware tinkering: it allows you to see how the voltage behaves at any point in your design, at any moment in time. Much like a breakpoint in software, which allows you to verify the value of all variables at a certain moment in time. The SmartScope should be the tool to optimize the debugging and development of your project.

SmartScope should appeal to:

  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi & DIY enthusiasts: having access to an oscilloscope will greatly reduce your debugging time, as now you can literally see what’s happening.
  • Makers: using the open-source framework, you can use the SmartScope to control your inventions from your smartphone!
  • Students & Teachers: combining an oscilloscope, AWG and logic analyzer into a single mobile device makes the SmartScope a great addition to any student lab desk. Its open-source framework can serve both as example, as well as starting place for your code. You’re encouraged to publish working projects on our community page at!
  • Professional hardware engineers: even though this page is strongly aimed towards makers and hardware enthusiast, the SmartScope was born from an analysis of what performance is required to visualize any job but the extreme high-end — such as DDR or RF implementations. Therefore, we’re sure that any electronics engineer will appreciate the combination of performance and versatility offered by the SmartScope.

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