LeCroy WaveAce 1000 and 2000 Oscilloscopes

 LeCroy WaveAce Oscilloscopes 40 MHz – 200 MHz

 LeCroy WaveAce Oscilloscopes 40 MHz – 200 MHz

THE TOOLS AND FEATURES FOR ALL YOUR DEBUG NEEDSA good oscilloscope should simplify how you work and shorten the time it takes to find and debug problems. The WaveAce™ combines long memory, a color display, extensive measurement capabilities, advanced triggering and excellent connectivity to improve troubleshooting and shorten debug time. With bandwidths from 40 MHz to 200 MHz, sample rates up to 2 GS/s and waveform memory up to 10 kpts/Ch (20 kpts interleaved) the WaveAce exceeds all expectations of a small affordable oscilloscope.Digital Filter
Digital filtering is available on each channel of the WaveAce. The Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass and Band-Stop filters allow you to isolate only the frequencies you want to see.Trigger
Edge triggering is not always the best choice for every signal. Beyond the basic edge trigger is a set of trigger capabilities which include Pulse Width, Video and Slope (Rise Time) triggers.

Long Capture and Zoom
Small, portable oscilloscopes often suffer from short capture time due to the small waveform memory. The WaveAce is available in 4 kpts/Ch and 10 kpts/Ch configurations which is up two to three times more than competitive products. More memory results in longer capture times showing more waveform detail with each trigger. Activate the built-in zoom function to take a closer look at the details.Automatic Measurements
With 32 standard automatic measurements the WaveAce simplifies how you work. Display up to five measurements without crowding the waveform display or show all 32 at once with the measurement dashboard. A wide range of advanced timing parameters provide insight to the relationship between two different signals.Waveform Math
The WaveAce provides five math functions including Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide and FFT. The FFT capability includes the choices of four windows and two different vertical scales.Connectivity
The WaveAce provides a USB host port on the front panel for saving screen images, waveforms and setups to a memory stick. A rear panel USB device port allows for connection to a PC or printer. Connecting and communicating with a PC is simplified with EasyScope software providing full access to the oscilloscope’s display, measurements, waveform data and front panel controls.

Pass/Fail Test
With built-in Pass/Fail Mask testing the WaveAce can quickly identify problems and let you know when they occur. A history of the P/F results can be displayed on the screen.

Waveform Sequence Recorder
Capture and replay a sequence of up to 2500 waveforms to isolate that runt or glitch which is causing problems in your system.

Large Internal Storage
Saving and recalling waveforms and setups from internal memory can save a lot of time during test and debug. The WaveAce can save up to 20 waveforms, 20 setups and two reference waveforms to the internal memory.

Acquisition Modes
Different applications call for different acquisitions modes. The WaveAce offers Real Time, Equivalent Time, Peak Detect and Averaging modes to ensure that any waveform can be captured and displayed.

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