Leica DISTO™ E7100i Laser Distance Meter

Leica DISTO™ E7100i Laser Distance Meter

Leica’s DISTO E7100i Laser Distance Meter is the smallest, lightest product in the DISTO family with integrated Bluetooth Smart technology. This precise and affordable laser distance meter is deceptively simple to use, and makes measuring distances and areas easy for everybody.

The DISTO E7100i, with its Bluetooth Smart technology, can be used in conjunction with Leica’s DISTO sketch app to digitally transfer measurements to smart phones and tablets. This technology allows users to create floor plans, sketches and photo-document with precise measures on the fly.

Handy shape and unmatched ease of use

Leica DISTO E7100i™ is the smallest and the lightest laser distance meter in the DISTO™ product family. Its ergonomic design guarantees that the device fits perfectly in your hand and is comfortable to use. The self- explanatory buttons allow quick and intuitive operation. Measuring has never been easier than that!

Removable Pocket Clip

The pocket clip is a smart accessory that attaches easily and allows for direct access to Leica DISTO™ E7100i. Simply clip the device to the pocket on your trousers, shirt or jacket — wherever it’s convenient for you — and you will always have it where you need it.

Bluetooth® Smart and Leica DISTO™ sketch

Take advantage of additional features by downloading the free Leica DISTO™ sketch app on your *smartphone or *tablet. This app offers you endless possibilities to create sketches, generate floor plans, and document your measurements with pictures using a smartphone or a tablet.

ISO Standard 16331-1

If you buy an ISO-certified Leica DISTO™ you can be sure, that accuracy and range stated on the package can be achieved on a construction site.



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