Link IO-3232B 32 Logic Analyzer Pattern Generator 400MSa/s

Link IO-3232B 32 Ch / 32 Gen Ch Logic Analyzer Pattern Generator 400MSa/s

IO-3200 Logic Analyzer Pattern Generator

All of the IO-3200s function as both a Logic Analyzer and a Pattern Generator. They communicate and are powered by USB. The LA can sample at up to 400 MSa/s, and the PG can operate at up to 200 MSa/s. They feature a buffer that is up to 2 Mpt long. They have 32 channels of LA and up to 32 channels of PG.

Logic Analyzer FrontPanelĀ® software for Windows


Timing window
The timing window shows the data as waveforms with the X-axis representing time. Individual channels or groups of channels can be displayed in this view.

The software allows you to change channel order, size, position, and color. Timing Window: Logic Analyzer software

Channel groups can be displayed in a numeric format or as a waveform. LA data displayed as waveform

Individual pulse width and frequency information can be displayed also.

Statelist window
The statelist window displays the data in a numerical format with the Y-axis representing time. Individual channels or groups of channels can be displayed in this view. Data can be displayed in Binary, Hex, ASCII, Decimal or in user-defined decoding.

SPI analyzer
SPI protocol data can be captured and displayed by the Logic Analyzer. It can be shown in a decoded format, as well as a waveform.


I2C analyzer

The software translates and displays captured I2C commands. What makes this product superior to other I2C Monitors is that you are able to see all activity on the Clock and Data lines in Timing and Statelist display, not just the valid codes.

In addition to capturing I2C data, the Pattern Generator can be used to output I2C commands to stimulate your circuit.

The bidirectional channels of the IO-3200 allow you to capture the circuit response on the same pins.

Pulse measurements
Measurements include:
Pulse width, Minimum Pulse width, Maximum Pulse width, Frequency, Period, Duty cycle and Pulse count.

High speed operation (400 MSa/s / 200 MSa/s)
The internal clock “Timing mode” can sample at up to 400 MSa/s for accurate and detailed data capture. The long data buffers allow you to record for extended periods of time while maintaining a fast sample rate.

The max external clock “State mode” rate is 200 MHz.

The Pattern Generator uses the same clock source as the Logic Analyzer.

Deep data buffers (up to 2 M samples per channel)
Large data buffers allow you to maintain high sample rates while maintaining long recording times. They allow you to see the big picture and find that elusive bug.

Pattern generator
Each Pattern Generator channel is also a Logic Analyzer channel, that can switch back and forth between Input and Output mode during a single capture.

This allows you to stimulate your circuit and record the results on a single pin. It’s kind of like your own mini bed-of-pins tester.

The powerful data generation wizards help you build Counters, Clocks, SPI and I2C Communication protocols, etc. The software also allows you to load your own data files.

USB communication and power
The IO-3200 Logic Analyzers connect to your desktop or laptop computer by USB.


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