Megger TDR2050 Advanced Dual Channel TDR

Megger TDR2050 Advanced Dual Channel TDR

The Megger TDR2050 Advanced Dual Channel Time Domain Reflectometer is the first instrument in its class to incorporate a built-in 600 V input protection filter making it suitable for CAT IV 600 V applications. This information is crucial to Distribution Network Operators. The TDR2050 is the reflectometer of choice for fault location on live or deal Low Voltage networks. Like the P versions of the TDRs, the TDR2050 is supplied with fused test leads.

The Megger TDR2050 is a state of the art dual chTrace storageannel, dual trace time domain reflectometer ideal for locating faults on paired metallic cables. It is the first TDR in its class to have 600V CATIV input protection filter built in, giving the ability to connect to known live lines. This is particularly useful for detecting illegal taps without having to power down the line.

The TDR2050 has a minimum resolution of 0.1 m / 0.3 ft and a  20 km / 65,000 ft maximum range depending on the velocity factor selected and the cable type.

Various output impedances are available (25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 140 ohms) and an auto impedance matching feature. The velocity factor can be set between 0.2 and 0.99 to meet any cable test requirements.

  • CAT IV 600 V input protection filter built in
  • Step and pulse TDR selections
  • Distance dependant gain
  • Trace tagging
  • 2ns pulse width
  • Designed for use on all metallic paired cables
  • Additional features:
    • Backlit graphics color LCD (800×480)
    • Resolution to 0.1 m
    • AutoFind guide to potential fault location
    • USB connection to PC allowing upload and download of traces
    • For use on power circuits to 600 V CAT IV
    • Power blocking filter built-in
    • Environmental protection to IP54
    • 2 ns pulse for near end fault location
    • AUTO option selecting gain and pulse for each range
    • AUTO option matches output impedance to cable
    • Display distance in meters or feet
    • Li-ion rechargeable battery (12 hours typical life)

600 V CAT IV Input Protection
TDR2050 is the first TDR in its class to include a built-in 600V CATIV input protection filter. The ability to connect to potentially live circuits means a more flexible instrument suited for a wider range of applications.

Trace Storage
100 internal trace memories provide for the storage and recall of test results. The traces can be recalled to the display for analysis or compared with an active display to aid in fault location.

Alternatively the stored results can be downloaded to a computer, via the USB port, using the TraceXpert software and USB lead

Step TDR Function
The Dead Zone effect of a standard pulse TDR can mask near-end faults and make them undetectable. The addition of a step function on the TDR2050 eliminates this problem.

Step TDR technology means that the signal is injected at full stength and stays there until a disturbance is detected. This makes step TDR technology perfect for detecting near-end faults that standard pulse TDRs can miss.

Distance Dependant Gain
This feature eliminates the drop off of signal attenuation on longer lines by gradually increasing the gain along the returned signal, enabling a more even representation of the relative attenuation at all points along the trace.

Fault Identification
Megger’s own built-in AutoFind mode allows for speedy identification of faults. One press of the AutoFind key automatically adjusts the range and gain, and positions the cursor to the first major event on the cable. Press the AutoFind key again and the cursor will jump to the next detected disturbance.

Findend Function
TDR2050 also incorporates a FindEnd function which allows the user to automatically search the trace to identify the end of the cable under test. This is useful in situations where a fast cable
length measurement is required.

For those who wish to maintain manual control, manual operation allows full override access to refine the response for easy fault identification.

Color Schemes
The very different light conditions that could be present when using the TDR2050, combined with the limitations of eye conditions such as color blindness, makes the addition of set color schemes in the instrument extremely important.

The TDR2050 has six additional set color schemes on top of the default and outdoor schemes included on other Megger TDRs. There are also two custom slots where the user can specify their own scheme by setting up to seven screen elements to their own
choice of color.

Trace Tagging
TDR2050 also incorporates a trace tagging feature which allows the user to add a name to saved traces. This could be the circuit ID, building name or any other identifying text the user wishes to save with the trace.

A text string of up to 32 alphanumeric characters can be stored against each trace and this can consist of upper case letters including accents.

TraceXpert PC software
The TDR2050 comes complete with the Megger TraceXpert software which gives full control over downloading, reporting and uploading of saved trace results. Designed around a database and programmed for ease of use and simplicity, TraceXpert offers the ideal application for all your data processing requirements.

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