Psiber LE80 LanExpert – Inline Gigabit Network Analyzer

LE80 LanExpert – Inline Gigabit Network Analyzer


LanExpert 80
Inline Gigabit Network Analyzer
The essential tool for LAN installers, technicians, managers and service providers The LANEXPERT Network Analyzer is an essential tool for installing, monitoring, maintaining, upgrading or troubleshooting any network. The LANEXPERT utilizes a color touch screen interface to access one of the most complete suites of test and analysis functions available in a portable test tool.

The Inline Mode allows users to non-intrusively monitor network traffic (10/100/1000BaseTX) to identify protocols, port usage, VoIP statistics and network utilization. The LANEXPERT can capture and store up to 10,000 packets with user defined filters for detailed analysis in the field or downloaded over the network or to a USB flash drive. Using either RJ-45 port, tests including Ping, Link, Trace Route, DHCP and Discovery are used to quickly identify network problems The LANEXPERT can generate up to 100% traffic loading with control of packet rate and size to demonstrate network performance at various traffic levels.

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