Psiber LM20 LanMaster 20 Basic Link Tester

LM20 LanMaster 20 Basic Link Tester


The LANMASTER 20 Link Tester provides LAN Installers and Maintainers a tool to quickly test Fast Ethernet (100baseTX) and Standard Ethernet (10baseT) links.

Fast Ethernet LAN products have a wide range of new features and capabilities. Auto-sensing, Auto-negotiation and Full Duplex capabilities are optional requirements to the Fast Ethernet (IEEE 802.3u) standard. Knowing equipment capabilites is essential to optimizing network system performance.

In just three seconds, the LANMASTER 20 decodes the Link Signals and displays the exact configuration of the equipment connected to the Link.

The Model 20 also verifies Link connectivity to the far end, tests for reported faults and determines polarity of the outlet or cable.

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