Psiber LM26 LanMaster 26 Pro Link Tester

LM26 LanMaster 26 Pro Link Tester


LanMaster 26 Link Tester
Tests Gigabit, VoIP and Powered Ethernet Ports

The LANMASTER 26 Link Tester provides LAN Installers and Maintainers a tool with the testing capability for Gigabit (1000baseTX) over copper, Fast Ethernet (100baseTX), Standard Ethernet (10baseT) links as well as VoIP/PoE detection.

The LanMaster 26 measures the voltage supplied by the VoIP or PoE port with typical loading to ensure that the voltage level is adequate.

The port ID feature identifies which port on a hub or switch that a wall outlet is connected by flashing the Link light on the connected port.

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