Rigol DSG3000 Series RF Signal Generator

Rigol DSG3000 Series RF Signal Generator

The DSG3000 series is a high-performance RF signal generator. It provides comprehensive modulation solutions such as: Pulse modulation with customizable pulse train and I/Q modulation (optional) and standard AM/FM/FM analog modulation. All modulation schemes support internal and external modulation sources. In addition, to meet the demands of production environments, the DSG3000 is designed to be both, highly stable and reliable. The DSG3000 series also features a clear user interface, small size and light weight. It is easy to operate and can output stable, precise and pure signals. It is an ideal tool for various fields such as communication, computers, instrumentation, R&D, education, production and maintenance.

The Rigol DSG3060-IQ RF Signal Generator possesses all the performance and features of a Rigol DSG3060 6GHz RF Signal Generator, plus an I/Q modulation capability. The inclusion of an I/Q modulator and versatile baseband data source makes the DSG3060-IQ a competitively priced instrument. The baseband data source provides a choice of data pattern, modulation type and channel filtering, including:

  •     Date patterns – PRBS, data list, pattern, all ‘1’s, all ‘0’s.
  •     Modulation types – QAM, ASK, PSK, FSK, MSK and user defined
  •     Channel filtering – rectangular, raised cosine, root raised cosine and gaussian

The data source is configured using Rigol Ultra IQ Station PC software, which generates an I/Q waveform file that is downloaded into the DSG3060-IQ. Alternatively, I/Q waveform data can be imported into Ultra IQ Station from other sources such as LabVIEW or MATLAB.

Options for the DSG3060-IQ include a pulse train generator, a high stability OCXO reference oscillator, a power meter controller (for precise calibration of the signal level at the input to the DUT) and a rack mount kit. The Rigol RX1000 RF Receiver Demonstration Kit can be powered and controlled from a DSG3060-IQ (i.e. No need for a PC) making a versatile system for education purposes.

Advanced Functions
Large screen display, novel and beautiful appearance

Ultra IQ Station PC Software

I/Q Signal Generation and Download (Three Methods)

  • The ARB file is edited and downloaded into DSG3000 by the Ultra IQ Station PC software.
  • The ARB file edited by other software (e.g. MATLAB, LabView, MathType and so on) is loaded into DSG3000 using the Ultra IQ Station PC software.
  • The ARB file is generated and downloaded into DSG3000 under Visual C++, Visual C# and LabVIEW environment on the basis of I/Q dynamic link library.
Rigol DSG3000 Series RF Signal Generator
Rigol DSG3030
3 GHz Signal Generator
Rigol DSG3030 with IQ
3 GHz Signal Generator with IQ modulation installed
Rigol DSG3060
6 GHz Signal Generator
Rigol DSG3060 with IQ
6 GHz Signal Generator with IQ modulation installed

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