Seaward 344A914 Primetest 100 Pat Testing Kit

344A914 Primetest 100 Pat Testing Kit


Simple, fast and reliable way to check power tools, appliances and extension cords as part of an OSHA Assured Groundings Scheme.

The PrimeTest 100 is a new hand-held “quality meter” that facilitates fast and reliable electrical integrity checks on almost any electrical device plugged into a wall.

The PrimeTest 100 was designed for the demanding safety regulations of electrical device testing common in Europe, including construction site GFCI and assured grounding compliance.

Only 3 buttons and a large LCD screen gives a clear pass or fail It’s just a little added peace of mind when your tools and equipment aren’t always treated with the care you would like.

Sleek, robust design incorporates an integral rubber bumper for riding shotgun in your toolbox. It tests extension cords, power tools, appliances, IEC power cords, and also checks the power sockets they’re connected to.

Complete Electrical Integrity Check for the safety of your employees, your family, and your business. When used with our manual entry software PATGuard Elements the PT100 provides you with a solution to help you comply with OSHA’s assured grounding policy.

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