Siglent SDS1000CFL Series Digital Oscilloscope

SDS1000CFL Series Digital Oscilloscope

Siglent SDS1074CFL Four-Channel Digital Oscilloscope (70MHz Bandwidth)

The SDS1074CFL digital oscilloscope allows the user to measure four different elements all at the same time, with each measurement represented as up to four waveforms on the device’s screen.

This means that the SDS1074CFL is ideal for a wide variety of different measurement applications and is suitable for use in many bench-top areas such as in embedded electronic circuit design and testing, mechanical and electrical product design and analysis, education and research, product quality control, real-time signal displays and product testing/circuit function testing.

Siglent SDS1104CFL Four-Channel Digital Oscilloscope 100MHz BandwidthThis digital oscilloscope is capable of measuring four different waveforms at the same time and features overall bandwidth of 100MHz.The four channels measured are displayed on the SDS1104CFL’s built-in LCD screen. This screen is LCD-TFT, 7-inches in size and displays everything in full colour. This means that each waveform displayed on the screen is assigned its own specific colour, helping with analysis procedures.

Siglent SDS1204CFL Four-Channel Digital Oscilloscope 200MHz BandwidthThis Digital Oscilloscope features bandwidth of up to 200MHz, has real-time sampling rate of 2GSa/s (for half channels, 1GSa/s for full) and has memory depth of 12K (full) and 24K (half).Although similar in style to dual-channel oscilloscopes in the CFL range of Siglent’s products, this device differs from other models because it features the capability to measure and display four waveforms at once rather than two. This makes it ideal for applications where more than two measurements are needed and allows you to measure everything at once rather than staggering testing between two different procedures.

Siglent SDS1304CFL Four-Channel Digital Oscilloscope 300MHz BandwidthThe SDS1304CFL is the best available model in Siglent’s range of digital oscilloscopes. The device features high bandwidth of 300MHz and also includes the ability to measure four channels at once.Also including multiple trigger sources (CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, EXT, EXT/5 and AC Line) the SDS1304 also includes multiple trigger types (Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternative) and additional features such as digital filtering of noise to maintain waveform accuracy, a multiple-language interface, vertical sensitivity of 2mV-5V/div and more.

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