Siglent SDS1102CNL Dual-Channel Bench Oscilloscope

SDS1102CNL Dual-Channel Bench Oscilloscope

Siglent SDS1102CNL Dual-Channel Bench Oscilloscope (100MHz Bandwidth)

The Siglent SDS1072CNL Digital Oscilloscope is a dual-channel device that is able to measure bandwidth up to 100MHz. The previous model in this range, the SDS1072DL, is only capable of measuring up to 70Hz.

Siglent’s CNL range of oscilloscopes are designed to make gaining and analysing waveform results as simple as possible. They’re suitable for use in multiple applications including electronic circuit design and debugging, electrical circuit function testing, inspecting instantaneous signals, industrial control and measurement, product quality control and education/training environments.

The device basically consists of a large, 7-inch full colour display and a selection of knobs and buttons for switching between different available parameters, trigger types and various other features. Waveforms are displayed clearly on the device’s TFT screen as different coloured waves, helping with easy identification when monitoring two channels simultaneously.

This device also features a number of additional features including 1GSa/s real-time sample rate, equivalent sampling rate of 50GSa/s and memory depth of 40kpts. The SDS1102CNL also includes multiple trigger sources and types, and features CH1, CH2, EXT, EXT/5 and AC Line trigger sources and Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative trigger types.

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