Siglent SHS800 Series Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

SHS800 Series Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

The SHS800 series is a portable oscilloscope with features normally found only on expensive bench-top instruments.  It is ideally suited for field application circuit measurements, electrical debugging, education, scientific research, and quality control.  It combines a sophisticated up to 200MHz oscilloscope, a 6000 count multimeter, and a waveform recorder in a portable unit with a bright 5.7” color TFT LCD screen.  With a bandwidth of up to200MHz, sampling at 500MSa/s, with a  2Mpts or 32kpt (Model SHS820) sample memory to allow storing, replaying and zooming in on measurements.

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Siglent SHS806 Handheld Oscilloscope (Bandwidth 60MHz, 2 Channel)

The SHS806 is a portable oscilloscope that is ideally suited for use in outdoor applications, circuit measurements, wind power, PV and new energy equipment testing, automotive electron and electric automobile testing, electrical power systems and strong electricity testing, electrical debug testing, education, scientific research and quality control.

Siglent SHS810 2-Channel Handheld Oscilloscope (Bandwidth 100 MHz)

Siglent’s SHS810 range is not only used for accurately tracking waveforms across single or dual-channels – this device is also a high precision multimeter and can be also used as a recorder.

All of this is housed in a portable unit that is designed to be carried around and taken directly to the application that needs to be tested. The SHS810 is mainly used in indoor applications such as education, circuit design and others, but is also perfectly suitable for use in outdoor applications.

Siglent SHS820 2 Channel 200MHz 500MSa/s 6000 Count Handheld Oscilloscope – DMM

The new Siglent SHS820 is a versatile, handheld oscilloscope/multimeter combination. It acts as both a 2 channel 200 MHz oscilloscope and a 6000 count digital multimeter with a wide array of measurements and ranges. The oscilloscope has Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternate triggers with 32 automatic waveform measurements, and includes FFT math capability. The multimeter portion includes resistance, AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, capacitance, diode testing, and a trend plot that can store 1.6 Mpts. The SHS820 comes complete with 2 X1-X10 oscilloscope probes, multimeter test leads, an English language manual, power cord and DC adapter.

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