Stuart STR Rotator Drive Series

STR Rotator Drive Series


The STR4 rotator drive unit is used in conjunction with a wide range of drums designed to take different sizes and types of vessels. The five drums are designed to give different mixing actions and are listed on pages 76 to 78.

Speed of rotation is variable from 6 to 60rpm for a range of mixing applications.

For added convenience a built in analogue timer can be set from 10 to 60 minutes. Alternatively the unit can be set for continuous operation.

Drum, test-tube holder, STR4/1
Designed to rotate test-tubes in an end-over-end movement. Comprises a square metal drum which can accommodate a choice of plates fitted with tube clips. Up to four plates can be mounted on the drum. Easy fitting via a push button mechanism.

Drum, two platforms, STR4/2
This drum accepts 2 x 250ml conical flasks or reagent bottles for end over end mixing. The samples are securely held in place by a collar that fits around the neck of the flask or bottle and is secured by two washers.

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