TTi ST124 USB CW Power Meter, 10MHz to 12.4GHz

ST124 USB CW Power Meter, 10MHz to 12.4GHz


TTi-Satori designs and develops powerful USB-based RF sensors that are controlled by easy to use software running on a desktop, laptop or handheld computer. The company, based in Scotland, has a dedicated and experienced team of highly motivated engineers with many years of knowledge of RF & Microwave metrology.

The ST series products are complete miniature RF & Microwave power meters. Each sensor contains a controlling CPU that processes the measurement results and operates the interface. All data and settings are managed by your PC with our windows-based software.
Connecting a sensor directly to a PC is the most cost-effective method for high-precision power measurements, especially if a PC is already used for data acquisition and evaluation. Moving the control and measurement display away from the sensor and into the PC means you save space and reduce cost.

Service technicians will appreciate this product since the power sensor is only 1.7 x 1.350 x 5.2 inches (34x 43 x 132 mm) and can easily be operated from a laptop or from a handheld computer (PDA). Multiple sensors can be connected to a single PC for multi-channel measurement applications. Our goal is to produce innovative easy to use equipment at an affordable price.

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