TTi TG1 Series DDS Function Generator

TG1 Series DDS Function Generator


A DDS generator at a non-DDS price 
The TG1010A breaks new ground by offering a DDS function generator at a similar price to that of a conventional generator of comparable functionality. It can generate a wide variety of waveforms between 0.1mHz and 10MHz with a resolution of 7 digits and an accuracy better than 10ppm.

Direct digital synthesis for accuracy & stability 
Direct digital synthesis (DDS) is a technique for generating waveforms digitally using a phase accumulator, a look-up table and a DAC. The accuracy and stability of the resulting waveforms is related to that of the crystal master clock. The DDS generator offers not only exceptional accuracy and stability but also high spectral purity, low phase noise and excellent frequency agility.

A wide range of waveforms
The TG1010A generates high quality sine, square and pulse waveforms over the full frequency range of 0.1mHz to 10MHz.
Triangle waveforms, ramp waveforms and multi-level squarewaves can also be generated subject to some limitations in the maximum useable frequencies. Variable symmetry/duty-cycle is available for all waveforms.

Fully bus programmable
Addressable RS-232 standard, GPIB optional The TG1010A has an RS-232 interface as standard which can be used for remote control of all of the instrument functions or for the down-loading of arbitrary waveforms. As well as operating as a conventional RS-232 interface, it can also be used in addressable mode whereby up to 32 instruments can be linked to one PC serial port as part of a TTi “ARC” system. Alternatively, a GPIB interface conforming to IEEE-488.2 is available as an option.

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