TTi TGA12100 Series Arbitrary Generator

TGA12100 Series Arbitrary Generator


Universal generators
The TGA1200 series combine a true variable clock arbitrary generator with a high performance DDS function generator and pulse generator in a single instrument.

A true arbitrary generator
The TGA1200 series are highly sophisticated 12-bit arbitrary generators capable of recreat- ing virtually any waveform.

Variable clock architecture
True variable clock architecture is used with clock speeds between 0.1Hz and 100MHz (40MHz on TGA124x units). This architecture avoids the clock jitter associated with DDS ar- bitrary generators and permits waveform link- ing, looping and sequencing. (See page five for more about variable clock architecture).

Waveforms may be defined with up to 4096 vertical points and from 8 to 1M horizontal points (4 to 64K points on TGA124x units).

Arbitrary waveforms may be replayed at a specified waveform frequency, period or sam- ple rate. An external sample clock can also be used on TGA1210x units.

On TGA124x units, up to 100 user-defined waveforms can be stored within the instru- ment’s non-volatile memory.

On TGA1210x units waveform storage is on removeable Compact Flash memory cards and is therefore effectively unlimited.

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