TTi TGXA Series Function/Pulse/Arbitrary Generator

TGXA Series Function/Pulse/Arbitrary Generator


The TG5011A and TG2511A represent the state-of-the-art in DDS based function generators.The 50MHz TG5011A significantly outperforms many generators in its price range, not only because of its frequency range, but also from its all round performance and features.

The TG2511A incorporates a similar feature set at a still lower cost and represents exceptional value for those with lower frequency requirements.

Exceptional frequency precision
The frequency of these waveforms can be set with up to 14 digits or one micro hertz of resolution.The DDS based frequency generation system uses a TCXO timebase oscillator with a stability of 1ppm.Waveform quality
The TG501xA and TG251xA generate high purity sine waves with low harmonic distortion and low phase noise. Square waves have a rise time of below 8ns (13ns on TG251xA) and low overshoot. Variable symmetry can be used up to 25MHz.

Triangle and ramp
High quality triangle and variable symmetry ramp waveforms are available up to 1MHz (TG501xA) or 500kHz (TG251xA).

These waveforms are also available at higher frequencies via the arbitrary function but without symmetry adjustment and with reduced waveform quality as the frequency increases.

VLF generation
The high resolution of the DDS system means that very low frequencies can be set. For example, a frequency of around 1mHz could be set with a resolution of 0.1% and a stability of 1ppm.

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